Question 510

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  1. Ael:

    Items- I still have stuffed animals, a baby doll from my grandmother, and blankets that were made for me.
    Non items-An acceptance of differences in people, intelligence, and my name.

  2. anonymous:

    since birth i have had my aunt’s bear and he even came to college with me to protect me-no longer from thunderstorms, now from homesickness. and i plan to give him to one of my children someday.

  3. Bernoulli, the stuffed tiger that my dad gave me when I was sick with salmonella, and the ‘special blanket’ from my grandma.

  4. Teresa:

    My baby blanket my mom gave me

  5. nothing specific… hehe…

    I kinda kept the thoughts but stuff away πŸ˜‰

    And I think it’s OK -_-

  6. Kat:

    Fluffy.. lol my old stuffed animal dog that I got the day I was born from my dad. At 17 years old it still sits proudly on my bed tattered and worn but it comforts me and brings me back to a time when I was a little kid just hugging her.

  7. b:

    my moose whose name is chocolate fudge moose but moosey for short. i got him when i was four and he is my companion where ever i go.

  8. Ana:


  9. the Gayatri mantra

  10. Amy:

    My Scooby Doo stuff animal. He has helped me through much…even at 21

  11. Aaron:

    I know it’s pretty lame, but I still keep my Yu-gi-oh cards. I have a lot of childhood memories with those things and never plan to get rid of them. When I’m dead and gone though, they can go where ever…

  12. Gracie:

    a white (not anymore) bear with a bell in his tail πŸ™‚

  13. Mike:

    My first baseball glove at age 10 … Tom Tresh model!

  14. David:


  15. Nic:


  16. Morgan:

    My first pair of earrings πŸ™‚

  17. pnog:

    I think I’ve given away or thrown out most of my childhood items with no regrets. The closest thing I can think of is my old Ukrainian dancing outfit. Although I don’t know if I cherish it, it’s just nostalgic for me.

  18. Rachel:

    Dignity and a teddy bear called teddy. The day I was born.

  19. midnight poet:

    The gift of a friend πŸ™‚

  20. Firefly:

    A set of books by my aunty and uncle; the Winnie The Pooh collection, and in each of the four books is a little personal message from them. I was also given Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by them, where the message reads “Always believe in MAGIC!” πŸ™‚

  21. bsf:

    my stuffed lamb and my blanket, which is now about to fall apart and every morning i wake up with pieces of blanket on me. but i still sleep with them both

  22. Evelyn Killeen:

    πŸ™‚ A stuffed lamb i got when i was 8 and sick with tonsillitis!
    All the secret notes my big sister wrote me after she was kicked out!

  23. Blink:

    A teddy bear from my 2nd or 3rd christmas. A blanket cover from the comfort blanket of my childhood and a pendant my grandmother gave me before alzheimers set in. I don’t think I’d ever throw any of them away.

  24. Grac(ie):

    My first Beatles CD (Please Please Me)
    a very holey torn and worn Beatles t-shirt (With The Beatles)

  25. Ashley:

    Love, support, and honesty from my mom and my older sister. Even though I do make mistakes, they tell me their honest opinions and try their hardest to support my decisions.

  26. Julia:

    My stuffed koala. I still sleep with her every night. I’m sixteen.

  27. Megan:

    my stuffed animal grover and thumper πŸ™‚
    now i sleep with a big stuffed dog my boyfriend got me for my birthday πŸ˜›

  28. anonimus:

    My blanket (:

  29. Rayton:

    a collection of little elephant statues I still keep on my shelf in my room.

  30. SD:


  31. Jessica:

    My baby doll that I loved. The little statue of a cat that I got after my great grandmother died… lots of random items.

  32. Cuggy-he’s a changing table cushion thing that I carried around everywhere until I was old enough to get embarrased.

  33. zavia:

    beautiful stories told by my mom

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