Question 512

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63 Responses to “Question 512”

  1. Nathan:

    I’m Busted–Johnny Cash

  2. anonimus:


  3. A.A.:

    Well, I think I finally found a song. “Etched Headplate” – Burial (

  4. Kathryn:

    Cross My Heart. It is a really beautiful song by The Rocket Summer

  5. elisha:

    eighteen with a bullet- i blame coco

  6. Ali:

    A Lifetime by Better Than Ezra

  7. I think Let Me Down Easy by Billy Currington explains one aspect of my life right now.

    oh oh See You When I See You by Jason Aldean! All my friends are starting to leave for college so this fits perfectly 🙂

  8. Jessica:

    Oh also Just A Kiss -Lady Antebellum

  9. These Days-Rascal Flatts.

  10. Sara:

    Wish you were here – scorpions

  11. Rayton:

    Half the world away- Oasis

  12. Deminica:

    Didnt’t you know how much I loved you-Kellie Pickler

  13. Emma:

    Courage – Orianthi

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