Question 516

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47 Responses to “Question 516”

  1. Angria:

    My sense of control over my life.

  2. Another girl:

    Even though its been an uphill battle, my mother is what I have started to learn to live without. I miss her so much.

  3. Tunder:

    Peace of mind.

  4. anon:

    control-it is not mine, but His

  5. Kris:

    my best friend 🙁

  6. Aaron:

    Happy people

  7. Nic:

    Close contact with the people I love

  8. Unnur:

    A father.

  9. LaraC:


  10. LT:


  11. ???:

    Television; I only use it to watch the news when I need it.

  12. Maia:

    A stable and predictable life. I’ve moved around so much in the last two years that I really have nowhere that I feel at home anymore.

  13. Drew:

    A few really, really good friends.
    I miss them so much.

  14. sasha:

    -someone that meant the world to me.

  15. Ael:

    The idea that my parents ever really cared about me.

  16. pinkycarrot:

    friends :'(

  17. Kaitlyn:

    a father.

  18. s.u.s.a.n:

    F . A . M . I . L . Y

  19. whatareyousomekindofnut?:

    a total freedom rain, i mean reign, or rein. no. freedom.

  20. valencia:

    total acceptance.

  21. Mike:

    I’ve learned to live without having a home (not a house. A home).

  22. Kelly:

    a plan

  23. skyler:

    friends. After highschool everyone either got pregnant, got married, lost interest in having a life outside of their significant other, or passed away. and im only 19.

  24. Rachel:

    Excessive eating and still staying slim.

  25. Ana:

    a dad…

  26. pnog:

    All I can think of is a car.

  27. Anonymous:


  28. Ankita:

    my doggy, my parents and my family

  29. (:

    support from my parents for what i do with my education and my body (they really really hate tattoos)

  30. lizzie:


  31. Megan:

    p e r f e c t i o n

  32. abbey:

    my big brother.

  33. Danielle:

    My non-traumatic brain injury dad

  34. Kat:

    acceptance. from anyone

  35. My love.

  36. Laila:

    My first love though I have’t completely lost hope yet…

  37. Julia:


  38. Annie:

    My Mom.

  39. just_jess:

    i have had to learn to live without family support…
    i am lucky i have a great substitute…
    it’s just a shame i have them instead of my family…

  40. Rachel:

    A functioning family.

  41. Why?:

    Fairness in life.

  42. anonimus:

    My parents… 🙁

  43. NA:


  44. Heath:

    Caffeine. Because I became allergic to it in my late teens.
    Peanut butter. Because I’m living in Brazil and it’s really rare and extremely expensive here.
    Constant contact with my entire family and any friends. Also because I’m in Brazil 🙁
    These comforting beliefs:
    – Life is fair
    – I am invincible and will live forever
    – If I try hard enough I can do anything
    – Universal truths exist and are understandable
    – There are people you can always depend on
    Because I grew up and learned to be happy with life even though it’s so much heavier than I wanted to believe.

  45. Jessica:

    That one best friend who you know would actually do anything for you

  46. Kourtney:

    My father

  47. Heather:

    my mom

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