Question 517

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56 Responses to “Question 517”

  1. mike:

    James is right, haters are just gonna hate. I try not to give them anything of myself to hate and then I wait for the force of their own negativity to eventually move them out of my world. It always (and I really do mean always) works. I don’t have to do anything.

  2. Rayton:

    Leave them and find others who do like me 🙂

  3. Anthony:

    smile and wave at them

  4. Andreia:

    Thats not my problem its their problem.

  5. Heather:

    hang out with those that do like me, and be respectful and nice to those that don’t. who knows…maybe they have a misconception about me

  6. Alex:

    I don’t care.
    If someone doesn’t like me for me, then they are not worth anything to me.

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