Question 530

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  1. Rachael:

    My innocence. I was always a happy, believe in everyone and everything child who was happy to be a little goofball. Now though I know better and that the world isn’t so great and that my mistakes will always haunt me.
    And my child. I was only thirteen when I got pregnant and miscarried but I will always wonder what my baby would have been like and what would have happened to us. Mama will always love you even if you are in Heaven waiting for me.

  2. Rayton:

    many moments that could be uch better, years that should hvae been beter- but were full of self doubt and irritation.

  3. Nichole:

    Joe H. all the memories and the time wasted together…

  4. Ashley:

    The best dog in the world, Cheyenne. She was the only one who was always happy to see me and the only one I really felt cared about me :/

  5. Copper:

    My grandfather. He made me everything I am today. He also made my dad and my brothers into the men I love so much.

    My dog daisy. I had her from when I was 3 until I was 19. She was my baby and I miss her so much. She was the friend I could always count on to be so excited and genuinely happy to see me.

  6. Nicole:

    My Mom

  7. Alex:

    My Sister

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