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  1. Johanna:

    Brown Eyed Girl. My dad used to sing it to me all the time when I was little. Now he and I don’t get along at all. I miss being his little brown eyed girl…

  2. Gabz:

    Who Says You Can’t Go Home by Bon Jovi. My mom would always have it playing in the car. It’s a bittersweet feeling listening to it now.

  3. kp:

    We Are The World by Michael Jackson. I first heard it when we sang it in elementary school. It hasn’t left my mind since then, and it reminds me of the pure innocence I had as a child.

  4. *My World* by Avril Lavigne 😉

    When I heard it in my high school, it was so me and I loved the bright tunes, the cute lyrics, the clean voice and everything else with it.

    It was my *perfect song* at the time.

    Whenver I hear it now, I still clearly remember the 17 yrs old giggling face of mine 😀

  5. Megan:

    Ok this is going to sound silly, because I’m only 15. This is sort of an answer to this question and also a prediction for my future answer. American Pie. I’ve spent the past two summer’s at John’s Hopkins summer program, CTY. It is the only place I have ever truly felt like I belong and this song is the song we sing at the end of every dance, you could say the theme song of CTY. I love that place more than anything, and I know that in the future, I will look back on that song as fondly as anything.

  6. Angria:

    Round of Blues by Shawn Colvin….I’m a 90s child through and through. Pretty much anything from that decade brings me back to my childhood.

  7. Aaron:

    Some music, but for the most part, nothing.

  8. that one hippy chic:

    “Perfect” by Pink.
    Usually I’m not into her songs, but this one seemed to speak directly to me— I hate my past because of my dumb mistakes…
    And then there are the people who think I needed to be perfect; because of my family status, everyone thought I had to be flawless. For I long time I still think the same today, but back then I thought there was a certain ‘image’ of perfect. Kind of like a Prep, if you will.
    People started to look down on me because I wasn’t living up to their expectations, and I got very depressed and thought very little of myself…
    But then I realized I was awesome—I’ve traveled to more countries than anyone in my classes, and figured out how to design my room the way I wanted by myself. I figured out that it was my life, and I got to decide what I wanted out of it.
    Now I have killer confidence, awesome grades, and a swagger that can make anyone think ‘Wow she’s got it made for herself’.
    And I’m sticking to it, baby.

  9. dev:

    Mr. Jones by Counting Crows.

    It was popular when I was in college, and brings me back to those days every time I hear it.

  10. Heather:

    Time by hootie and the blowfish

    it’s a song that my sisters and I always sang at the top of our lungs to. It also makes me think of my mom. There was never enough time.

  11. Mandy:

    Joe – I wanna know

  12. Melissa:

    Pride and Joy by Stevie Ray Vaughn. My dad used to play Stevie Ray Vaughn (and a bunch of other blues CDs) all the time around the house when I was young. For some reason, that’s that one that always stuck with me.

  13. Ali:

    Memories by Weezer

  14. Rachel:

    American pie.

  15. pnog:

    Magnetic North by Less than Jake. It always takes me back to summers as a kid doing nothing but hanging out outside skateboarding for hours every day.

  16. Alison:

    The Middle by Jimmy Eat World
    My dad showed me this song when I was younger.

  17. vcm:

    anything backstreet boys, ‘nsync, 1990-2000 pretty much.

  18. Jessica:

    So many… I can’t pick just one. I’m not very old yet, but I doubt this answer would change even if I was older. I have all types of songs that remind me of certain events in my life. I dont think there really is just one that could summarize everything.

  19. Julia:

    I’m still young, but I guess Hit Me Baby One More Time, and Oops I Did It Again, remind me of my younger years in the late nineties, early 2000s. Britney is what got me into music, and inspired me to do the impossible.

  20. Jebat:

    PUSH by matchbox 20 and TORN by Natellie Imbruglia.. i am so angry at my life back then..seeking freedom like crazy…now i am more mature.. and i got my freedom without have to step on others toe or hurt my family esp

  21. Stay Together For The Kids-Blink 182

  22. I’ve got a feeling – Beatles and a local song called Minsan – Eraserheads

  23. Barbara:

    pre teen years, I have a couple… my name is michael,country roads, daddy don’t you walk so fast, chantilly lace….then if I move on to teenage years I’d start with Jessie’s girl, abracadabra, super trooper

  24. winston:

    heaven;bryan adams

  25. AJ:

    just like the summer of 69 Bryan Adams, America Pie…there are so may songs that I could list here that bring me ‘back’ ^_^

  26. lindsey:

    Love Shack by the B-52’s….cruising in dad’s camaro with the t-tops, thinking that I am the coolest kid…this song has always put me in a good mood

  27. Firefly:

    Yellow Submarine (It was on my tape 😀 )
    Anything by Five! i.e ‘Keep On Moving’ and ‘If Your Getting Down’

    Brotherhood Of Man – Save Your Kisses For Me. My mum used to sing this to me when I was young, it made me feel so good 🙂 <3

  28. Copper:

    I Got You Babe- my cousin used to sing it to me when she babysat me.

    Butterfly kisses- this was always my dad and I’s song. He used to sing it with me when I was little.

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