Question 536

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  1. sasha:

    -staying in a relationship that isn’t making them happy because they’re too afraid to be alone, to realize that it just isn’t working, and it won’t no matter what you do.

  2. kiana:

    not saying i love you enough

  3. Heather:

    underestimating the power of a smile.

  4. LAX:

    Working at a job that they hate just for the money.

  5. A.A.:


  6. S:


    Lying, especially to avoid hurting others. Sometimes, they just need to hear the truth

  7. b:

    not sticking up for yourself just because it might hurt someone else

  8. jw:

    Hurting others unintentionally.

  9. Laila:

    Assume their first love will last forever

  10. Laila:

    Walk away from love because they’re afraid to get hurt.

  11. Emmy:

    Not following through on a promise, especially their wedding vows

  12. Morgan:

    Thinking money and power will make them happy.

  13. winston:

    judging others by their appearence or social status

  14. candy:

    Marrying the wrong person.

  15. Rachel:

    They go with the crowd

  16. Blink:

    Doing what’s easiest rather than following their heart.

  17. s.u.s.a.n:

    Not listening to their gut and letting others influence their decisions and define who they are

  18. Chan:

    being rude to their parents

  19. Tunder:

    Neglecting that they have an identity

  20. pnog:

    Thinking that some end goal will please them and not enjoying the path on the way to the goal.

  21. kp:

    underestimating people.

  22. Jessica:

    Not putting their happiness first. This includes many things… working a job they hate, staying with someone that doesn’t treat them right or that they really don’t love…

    Oh, and not enough people appreciate the little things in life that matter most.

  23. ck:

    Not believing she can be the best she can be. Not believing she can have and do whatever she wants if only she asks for opportunity in a reasonable and hardworking manner.

  24. Wolfgang:

    Not giving birth to the innermost dream that warms and lightens one’s heart because of fear hurting others.

  25. Kelly:

    focusing on one aspect of life while neglecting the others

  26. Javier:


  27. Debbie:


  28. erika:

    assuming things

  29. sb:

    Not being honest with themselves.

  30. To believe they are separate, when they are really deeply interconnected with everyone else.

  31. Laura:

    Wasting time on people who don’t deserve it.

  32. Alice:

    not being honest

  33. Conor:

    Getting married has to be the most common mistake people make. I think the mistake lies in the misunderstanding of what marriage is. It’s not the next step in a loving relationship. It’s not what you should do to be socially acceptable. It’s a promise, a vow. You are swearing an oath to love and be with that person FOREVER. If you’re not willing to stay with them no matter what, then you shouldn’t get married. I don’t think even 10% of people marrying in the western world understand that.

  34. Tiffany:

    Trusting everyone with a pretty face and a bright smile.

  35. Rayton:

    looking at the negative and totally ignoring the positive

  36. Roberto:

    thinking their brain tells them what they need
    when its their heart

  37. Alex:

    They judge others without truly getting to know them first. They judge based on the outward appearance of a person.

    You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

  38. Vanessa:

    Always complaining about their unhappiness, yet not taking initiative to improve their lives.

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