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  1. Johanna:

    My sister. We lived right across from the street last year because we both went to the same school. Now she’s graduated and married. She’ll be two hours away…I don’t know what I’m going to do.

  2. Morgan:

    I wish I lived closer to my best friend. She doesn’t live that far away, but it would be nice to have someone’s house to run over to anytime I want and get into goofy situations at anytime.

  3. Amy:

    My best friend just moved 13 and a half hours away…i can’t explain how difficult it is.

  4. LAX:

    My brother. We live 2,000 miles apart. And the Caribbean Ocean. I would like to live right on it.

  5. Kat:

    my best friend he lives 3,000 miles away and i would love if the one person who truely knew me as ME was close to me

  6. Stacy:

    No one. I want to move as far away from everyone I know as fast as possible. Im sick of the way people treat me. I try to be so nice but nothing is good enough for anyone anymore.

  7. Stephen Khan:

    i ALWAYS wished to live closer to my ALLaH (all mighty GOD)!!!!!TO LIVE MY LIFE,PRECIOUS GIFT,according to his will……Taking the way which leads me to ultimate satisfaction n enormous victory.MAY ALLAH help me to achieve it.

  8. Luci:

    Five people instantly came to mind. At least I have good friends to miss.

  9. Someone:

    My best friend of 11 years, she just moved two days ago, and I already miss her a lot.

  10. Joan Turrisi:

    My sister — my best friend.

  11. Danielle:

    I wish my girlfriend and I lived in the same house/apartment. Her crazy homophobic dad makes the 1 hour we’re apart seem like an eternity =[

  12. kayla:

    i wish i lived closer to my 2 best guy friends. they have gotten me through so much & im happiest when im around them. there the only people i can stand being around for long periods of time.

  13. Samantha:

    A great friend who moved 1/2 hours away. We didn’t talk when she was living here but we started too online. She comes to visit every few months and every time I wish she didn’t have to leave.

  14. jw:

    The sea and my best friends.

  15. Laila:

    My sister. I moved to the other end of the world and I really need her…

  16. sasha:

    -my boyfriend, he lives 3 states away. i miss not being able to see him for a while. and the times i really need him he was here to hold me, it makes it a little harder.

  17. winston:

    luckily i live reletively close to family dont have time for or have any friends so i’m good i guess

  18. Heather:

    to tell the truth, I have mixed feelings. I want to move far away from everything and everyone just so I can meet new people and have a fresh start on my own…then again, I want to live by my sisters, but I hate the city they live in.

    and I wish I lived closer with God. I’m working on that though. =)

  19. Katie:

    Someone who cares.

  20. S:

    A body of water
    My friends – although I live closer, I wish I could be closer so that we could spend more time together
    My extended family – none live in the same state as me, and I really wish I could be closer to them.

  21. pnog:

    at this point in my life I’m quite happy where I am, but it would be nice if some of my far away friends lived closer to me. (I know that sounds pretty selfish).

  22. Megan:

    My friends from CTY aka nerd camp. I’m from Texas and all of my friends live in the northeast because that’s where the program is based. I hate it because I can barely see them, but I love them all so much.

    “Several state lines keep us apart, but don’t lose sleep because I’ll always keep you in my heart”

  23. Rachel:


  24. TC:

    A beach

  25. katie:

    my dad. i would love to get to know him and see if we are alike in any way.. i would also just love to have the father figure i have always dreamed of.
    most of all though, i would love to be closer with God. i would love to be more intimate and more like Christ.<3

  26. krizia:

    i’d like to be close to my best friend,who is like a brother to me,he lives in the south,and i live in the north.

  27. b:

    my childhood best friend annie

  28. Tessa:

    My parents and my sisters! <3

  29. Glenn:

    My fiancee. I just got stationed in Germany.. I miss her a whole lot.

  30. Jessica:

    My ex-boyfriend. We broke up because I moved away for school… and during summer we pretty much went right back to where we were last summer. And now I’m leaving again. :/

  31. Javier:

    My girlfriend, but soon she’s coming closer to me. 😀

  32. Lyn:

    My online friends. Yeah, I’m planning on meeting a few at VidCon but chances are I am never going to meet most of them. Some days I want nothing more than to just hang out with them.

  33. Leila:

    Australia. I feel heartsick when I think about how much I miss it, and how far away and expensive it would be to go back.

  34. Debbie:

    My boyfriend!

  35. tita:

    mom 🙁

  36. my friends!!! and brother!! i moved last year and i miss them like crazy, i only see them probably once a month 🙁

  37. Alice:

    my ex. We broke up because of long distance relationship

  38. vcm:

    my three older sisters. i really need them, right now, more than ever. i wish we weren’t 7 states away…

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  40. Conor:

    I find it a real shame that some of the people I’m closest to are the ones furthest away. One of my very closest friends is 5000 miles away.

  41. Rachael:

    My cousin Nichole and her family. Nichole has always been like an older sister to me, maybe because she is my God-Sister, but mostly because she is one of the very few people who actually cares about me. She hasn’t given up on me even though I’ve deserved it and wished she would. I will always respect her and want to be like her.

  42. Shae:

    My family. Like there could be anything else…

  43. Firefly:

    My boyfriend and my 3 best friends! I wish we all lived next door.

  44. Nichole:

    The man i’m in love with. 1308 miles 🙁

  45. Jayne:

    The Oregon Coast. It’s beautiful there, and it seems like all the world’s problems melt away when you’re standing on the beach with cold ocean spraying your face. And the salt water taffy…

  46. Me:

    My brother who lives in Texas and my best friend who lives in Cali. MISS THEM!

  47. Sofi:


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