Question 540

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  1. kv:


  2. Aaron:

    Any time that I have fun.

  3. anon:

    twilight, close of day, sunset, evening. the da is winding down, peace settles.

  4. Angria:

    Sunset. I usually have at least one night class a semester so that when I walk out of class, I can see the sun set across the quad. Always puts a smile on my face.

  5. b:

    sunrise, when i am sitting in a boat with 8 of my teammates on the connecticut river.

  6. lovevoyager:

    depends on where i am

  7. Luci:

    10 pm-midnight

  8. Laura:

    Sunset, it’s always so beautiful. =)

  9. sasha:

    -late afternoon, but before sunset. not too early and it’s not getting too late.

  10. Debbie:

    depends ons where I am and who I am with 🙂

  11. HappyMe:

    Late at night when out in the country.

  12. that one hippy chic:

    Beautiful, beautiful sunrise.
    I just love the colors in the early morning; they’re a soft violet, pink, magenta, blue, green—I just love that! And I love how cool it is in the morning, the wonderful temperature.
    And I love how after I get to watch it, there’s a new day to start! 😀

  13. s.u.s.a.n:

    The calm stillness of early morning; the quiet anticipation of the energy getting ready to explode; everything is serene; the low light makes everything look beautiful.

  14. Leila:

    i agree with s.u.s.a.n.
    there’s something about the early morning, before anyone is up…there’s this crisp feeling to the air, everything is dawning, everything starting anew. and those first shy colors that skirt across the sky are breathtaking.

  15. Any time that I get to connect with someone I love, or time to create something beautiful.
    Enjoy the day!

  16. jw:

    Midnight actually.

  17. Jessica:

    Twilight and sunset. I love the silhouettes of the trees against the sky…

  18. Mandy:

    When the my kiddos are napping.
    -sigh- talk about peaceful:)

  19. Mandy:

    When my kiddos are napping.
    -sigh- talk about peaceful:)

  20. pnog:

    Night. I love stars and cityscape and I’m just a night owl in general, so that’s when I’m most productive.

  21. Javier:

    After working out, or when i’m with my girlfriend!

  22. Blair:

    Weekday would be end of school, Weekend is morning time.

  23. S:

    It depends a bit on my mood…
    I love sunrise, for the memories of the past as well as the fresh beginning.
    I love having the sun shining on me…
    But I also love the beauty of sunset, and I’ve always found being outside at night exhilirating..

  24. Rachel:

    Evening, dinner time

  25. Mid morning when the expectation of the day is beginning to rise and ramp up and when I tend to meet people who are feeling the same. It’s ignition time!

  26. Maia:

    Right before sunset when the sun is still very much in the sky, but every colour seems more dramatic and intense

  27. winston:

    When the sun starts setting and the temp starts dropping.

  28. tree:

    the moments i’m waking up in my boyfriends arms.

  29. Kat:

    Sunrise, clean crisp air, birds waking up, and the peaceful start of a new day.

  30. soulcatch:

    1) Evening right at dinner while walking home and seeing all the houses with lights on and imagining they are all sitting down together enjoying family and a friendships.

    2) between 2-4am when no one is awake. You can walk forever and not se anyone else even in a big city.

    If I had to pick just 1, #2 would be it.

  31. Alice:

    sunset between the rocks

  32. Dhaval:

    night on the bed with soothing music…..

  33. A.A.Alamin:

    5 am

  34. TP:

    9:03 PM. Exactly 9:03 PM.

  35. JLP:

    “I´m an early morning lover (!)
    And i must be moving on


    And i will go on shining
    Shining like brand new
    I´ll never look behind me
    My troubles will be few”


  36. lauren:

    watching the sunrise from the beach…..the reflection on the water. it is one of the prettiest things i have ever seen

  37. Rayton:

    late afternoon-dusk. In this time the sun shines softly and truly beautiful and warm colors appear everywhere. It’s a time when it’s not too hot nor too cold, a middle of the waking day and when one is still left with powers and still have time left to do something with it.

  38. Me:

    Monday-Friday… when I get home from work 🙂

    On the weekends… ALL DAY! 🙂

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