Question 543

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41 Responses to “Question 543”

  1. claire:

    Being paralyzed by my fear of making mistakes I don’t take chances.

  2. Luci:

    Letting my anxiety overtake me.

  3. forget to live in the moment 😉

  4. Sar:

    Eating junk food

  5. the journey.:


  6. Mick:

    Waiting for the girl I love to come around.

  7. jw:

    Being lazy.

  8. LKF:

    Letting myself be fooled by the same guy repeatedly, thinking that maybe he’ll want a commitment… this time. There’s a difference between commitment and control.

  9. Kimberly:

    Forgetting how much Power I have.

  10. midnight poet:

    Worrying over simple things and trying to please people.

  11. Jessica:

    Letting the same people hurt me. Letting people go who I really want in my life…

  12. s.u.s.a.n:

    Thinking people are more sincere or a better friend than they really are.

  13. Danielle:

    Falling in love

  14. Angria:

    believing that I will ever have a good relationship with my parents.

  15. winston:

    believing that most people are good and honest

  16. skyler:

    trusting people to be as open and caring as I am with them.

  17. Michael:

    Thinking she will change.

  18. Morgan:

    Not letting things slide, eating.

  19. Ching:

    Buying stuff on impulse and then regret later.

  20. falling for the same kind of guys.

  21. Rachel:

    Too many to count.

  22. Alice:

    falling in love

  23. b:

    putting other people before myself

  24. Dhaval:

    blaming some1 else for the current thought patterns…

  25. pnog:

    Being too easy going and trusting with belongings. I’ve lost bikes and had my identity stolen more than once because of it. And it could be much worse.

  26. A.A.Alamin:

    letting people control my feeling and change my mood while I just wanna focus on making a good relationship with God..

  27. Nic:

    Letting my emotions get the better of me

  28. Javier:

    Sometimes procrastination, specially with my house shores…

  29. Conor:

    Falling for girls far too easily and ending up screwing it up because I couldn’t keep my feet grounded and my head straight.

  30. Rachael:

    Being to trusting with everyone. I learned that lesson the hard way and ever since people have treated me like I don’t exist. I wish that I could stop trusting everyone I meet in reality, on line, or otherwise but that something that will most likely never change

  31. Macey:

    I always let people that continue to hurt me back into my life every time they want to be in it.

  32. JLP:


  33. Richard:

    Fall in love

  34. ct:

    not being faithful to the person i’m in love with

  35. Anon:

    trusting people too soon

  36. Rayton:

    Regard certain tasks as too challenging when in fact I can easily overcome it.

  37. Oddie:

    always reserving a space in my heart for a person who did not make an effort to stay.

  38. Copper:

    Trusting people too easily. Letting people walk all over me and use me because I’m too nice.

  39. Hannah:

    Falling in lust and pretending it’s love. Pretending that I don’t realize the difference.

  40. Alex:

    not accepting who i am.

  41. Marie:

    Living with regrets

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