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  1. Angria:

    I was close to my one grandfather; we both loved academia and learning. Even though he was a doctor and I am studying to become a theology teacher, he always supported my passion and decision even when I received disapproval from my other family members. Do what you love and everything will fall into place, one way or the other.

  2. court:

    to not end up like them. They taught me this through their actions and how they treat others.

  3. jw:

    Responsibility to the family.

  4. See good things from life, get satisfied easily 🙂

  5. Mick:

    What a hard days work is.

  6. Morgan:

    My grandparents taught me what it’s like to love someone. They were the most inlove couple I’ve ever seen, and when my Grampie died a part of my Grammie died with him. She was never the same. She died 8 months later. But she never gave up on being the best grandmother I could have wanted. She was so strong through it all, and they will always be my inspiration for what to look for in love.

  7. Julia:


  8. A.A.Alamin:

    I’ve never lived with my grandparents.. I meet them once every two years! and we haven’t had a deep conversation! our talks are all general! but what I see in their eyes taught me to enjoy and be satisfied of every little thing in life.. cuz they’re always happy when they’re surrounded by their sons and daughters..
    and don’t leave any moment pass by without LIVING it not just exist in it!

  9. LaraC:

    that the important things later doesn’t seems to be that important after all.

  10. Danielle:

    Always be there for your family

  11. Javier:

    I haven’t lived in the same city as my grandparents since I was 8 years old, so theres no special lesson I can remember.

  12. Debbie:

    I’ve learned so many lessons from them I can’t choose just one. I really do love them.

  13. dima:

    always benfit pepole as u can,try to be the best otherwise the day was less than past 🙂

  14. none:

    To always work hard and you will be able to achive your goals.My grandfather put six kids thru college.All who are either lawyers or teachers while only working in the feilds picking crops.

  15. Luci:

    To stand up for myself.

  16. Rachel:

    I only ever knew one, my grandfather. He taught me to write on my hand mainly=] He died when I was young so…

  17. Rachael:

    Both sets of my grandparents teach me things every single time I see them, but all four of them have shown me that love is out there and can in fact last a lifetime and withstand the good and bad.

  18. pnog:

    Never lose a sense of wonder in the world. My grandparents on my mom’s side did and I do not want to turn out that way, my dad’s side still hasn’t and he is one of the most amazing people I know.

  19. Never let a day go to waste, it could be your last.

  20. erika:

    do what you love, love what you do.

  21. Macey:

    My grandfather has taught me how important it is to always be there for your loved ones.

  22. Jake:

    Never stop being good. My grandpa tells me this every time I see him.

  23. Nat:

    Don’t smoke!

  24. winston:

    Dont ask anyone for anything especially them

  25. Maia:

    From my grandmother, I learned that there’s no shame in being ready to die if you have lived a full life. From my grandfather, I learned that someone with radically different views on everything can still be your best friend.

  26. Karen:

    My Mamaw and papaw were my best friends growing up. They taught me how to treat people, how to love one another, how to raise a family, how to work, how to be a friend, they taught me ab the Lord. They taught me almost everything I know minus the things my parents taught me. My papaw spoiled me cause I was his baby. I’ll forever miss them and can’t wait to get to heaven to see them! 🙂

  27. Ema:

    to say “I love you” before it’s too late

  28. Shae:

    To be strong, and to keep walking even when life trips you over.

  29. Kassi:

    You won’t always be prepared for the thing that happen for the future. But try to be as prepared as you can be.

  30. Jacob:

    some things that my grandpa and grandma did to influence me when i was little is they. would always tell me to respect my parents and that i was glad to have them as a mother and a father. they so told me that i should all ways go and say thank you when someone gave something to me.

  31. lindsey:

    “smile and the whole world smiles with you”

  32. TBR:

    The importance of an education, how to be humble, and unconditional love.

  33. Rayton:

    how a little phone-call or paying some attention to someone really makes the difference.

  34. Glinda:

    One day my grandmother and I were talking about my future and jobs. I told her that I needed to find a job I could have fun at and be happy. She said “Well, I always saw work as work, not to be fun. Fun is what you have after work”. My grandmother is bitter, angry, sad, and has emotionally hurt every single adult member of my family, including me, several times.

    That night I promised myself I’d never be at a job that makes me unhappy.

  35. Copper:

    Family is very important, appreciate them while you can or you’ll regret it when you can’t. Go for your passions and what makes you happy. Praise God for everything. My grandfather made me realize what I want to do for the rest of my life, he helped me find my passion in life. I miss him.

  36. Sarah:

    Show your class and not your ass.

  37. Alex:

    Do what you want to do in life. Live your own life, and do not let others control you.

  38. Sevs:

    Fairy Tales and dreams do come true.

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