Question 547

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  1. Tiffany:

    I’ve always felt that true beauty is not seen, but radiates from within.

  2. Drew:

    Dark beautiful things?
    Seriously, what’s with these questions?

  3. Angria:


  4. Morgan:

    A smile you don’t have to see. You can feel it.

  5. Javier:

    You just feel it!

  6. Ashley:

    Look like in the dark? There is not a look for many things that can be titled beautiful. It is the sound of breathing; the softness of a touch. Quiet, murmured sounds and words.

    Eyesight does not have to be the only way to know what beauty is.

  7. kp:

    It is alluring to the sense of touch rather than to the sense of vision. Eye sight can be delusional anyway, so beauty “seen” through the sense of touch is more direct and intense.

  8. LaraC:

    That what can not be seen in the light

  9. Me:

    Sunsets, shadow art, a dimly lit face of someone you love. I don’t think dark has to mean complete darkness to the point of lack of sight. Also, I love laying in a dark room and listening to certain songs, music can be extremely beautiful and expressive.

  10. smoothness

  11. anon:

    shadowy, faint, ungraspable

  12. tomared:

    In a darkness without light in which sight is required to look upon.Beauty or the ugliest are not noticed.
    So I ask this question. How long until the darkness is no longer noticed?

  13. s.u.s.a.n:

    True beauty cannot be seen with the eyes, it can only be felt with the heart.
    And when you’ve felt it . . . . you know it and
    it . is . BEAUTIFUL!

  14. s.u.s.a.n:

    True beauty cannot be seen with the eyes, it can only be felt with the heart.
    And when you’ve felt it . . . . you know it and it . is . BEAUTIFUL!

  15. s.u.s.a.n:

    . . . oooops! sorry for the duplicate!

  16. Vivipleas:

    Beauty radiates outward fro within. It has nothing to do with physical beauty, so it never matters whether it’s light or dark out.

  17. Aussiecraig:

    It doesn’t look like anything…but it FEELS like everything…MMMMMMMMMM

  18. Aaron:

    It looks and feels exactly as it was meant to look; like your wildest imagination.

  19. Silvana:

    Like a starry night sky.

  20. A peaceful touch in your mind 🙂

  21. Nat:

    neon in the dark

  22. s.u.s.a.n:

    What amazing answers to an amazing question! WoW!!!

  23. tomared:

    What does beautiful feel like in the dark?
    Turn the lights out and tell me what you see.
    I feel scared.
    No.What do you see?
    I feel like turning on the lights.
    Ohh forget it!!
    Hey I didn’t see that beautiful lady.When did she walk in?
    Hahhaaha hahhaah!!

  24. nussybah:

    i LIVED a Real good friendship with some friends but in the dark they just got reversed to A DEVIL that would be friendship and trust

  25. nussybah:

    Nat great answer it says it all !

  26. winston:

    If its dark enough its just like everything else.Beautiful=sex in the daylight not beautiful =sex in the dark.

  27. angele:

    beauty in the darkness is the touch of a breeze, the sound of the water or the leaves, or gentle breathing of my child beside me… the beauty comes from the depth of the dark….allowing my soul to open and to see with different ‘eyes’

  28. Danielle:

    Love, closeness, passion. Whatever you see and believe is beautiful in that person.

  29. chelsea:


  30. Jacob:

    the noises and the different things to do all the lights in the back round and just all of the different things some of the other things that i can think of is the bright stars that come out at night

  31. vcm:

    beauty is not something you can always see, it’s what you feel on the inside.

  32. Rachel:


  33. Christine:

    beauty is not seen it’s felt.

  34. TBR:

    Bioluminescence. In the extreme depths of the ocean, their are creatures that create their own internal light from withing (not metaphorically, but literally). It makes them glow in the dark. It’s gorgeous.

  35. jess:

    It looks like sound.

  36. Muppy:

    when in the dark, beauty takes the form of touch. when someone touches you and you know who it is, when your skin burns freom under their skin. when you heart races. when theres nothing on your mind but the person you love…

  37. P.J.:

    Forgive me for quoting Janet Jackson: In complete darkness we are all the same, it is only our knowledge and wisdom that separates us, don’t let your eyes deceive you.

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