Question 549

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  1. Jesseb:

    Most people don’t lose their money. Most people just waste it on frivolous things. How much do we spend a year on new styles, new technologies, new etc? Let alone the money that goes to the 300+ channels and extra messaging and data plans on our phones. We don’t lose our money, we spend it.

  2. By buying things they are advertised to buy, *supposed* to buy, and see others buying so followed to buy.

    Actually this was me only a few years ago 😉

  3. Javier:

    By saying YES to everything they spend it on.

  4. shikha:

    i have no idea.

  5. Morgan:

    I lose it buy spending it on clothes. I’m pretty addicted.

  6. Lisa:

    People lose their money because they fail to plan. Financial Peace University is a helpful resource.

  7. Amelia:

    Trying to buy happiness.

  8. Mandy:

    I think that’s the best answer @Amelia !

  9. dale:

    They waste it buying stuff they don’t need to impress people they don’t know.

  10. LAX:

    Consumer capitalism.

  11. pnog:

    -poor risk assessment (ie: black swans) and erroneously attaching emotions to physical items (ie: buying something to get a feeling rather than to get someTHING)

  12. kp:

    By not keeping track of all the little expenses that add up. Going to starbucks every morning is not necessary. Invest in a coffee machine, wake up a little earlier. <- save money. Simple. People make things more complicated than they need to be.

  13. winston:

    They keep it in their front pocket and it falls out when they pull out their keys or something.

  14. Danielle:


  15. Ken:

    I thought of several things and it all boils down to carelessness, so I’ll go with that. Putting a little thought into every purchase saves so much money.

  16. s.u.s.a.n.:

    I agree with those who said money is spent trying to buy happiness.

  17. Rachel:

    I don’t think people really lose it, just waste it maybe

  18. catie:

    either having it fall out their pockets or leaving it somewhere and then forgetting where it is

  19. Copper:

    Things they want versus things they need.

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