Question 550

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28 Responses to “Question 550”

  1. Nivyan:

    That the girl of my dreams would understand what I’m trying to say to her – instead of her understanding it the way she wants to.

  2. Meet more incredible people 🙂

  3. Morgan:

    I wished to be happy.

  4. Debbie:

    I don’t know if my wish will ever come true, but you never know 🙂

  5. Me:

    You’re not allowed to say or it won’t come true!

  6. I wish to survive myself.

  7. Mariana:

    I wished I had friends that didn´t do drugs, wouldn´t critize what you are wearing or didn´t talk about money….I´d love to have a sincere group of friends who want to have fun

  8. b:

    i wished that we would become friends again and that you would realize that you mean the world to me.

  9. That I could have a sailboat, haha:)

  10. Danielle:

    That my girlfriend would accept my offer of helping her get out of the hell-hole of hate she lives in.

  11. LAX:

    For my eyes to get better.

  12. That I could quit my job and create. And that my book proposal gets accepted (of course I need time to complete it first!)

  13. winston:

    If you tell your wish it wont come true.:-{

  14. kp:

    For you to be able to put my past aside so we could have the most perfect relationship ever. We are compatible in every way possible. The only obstacle that stands between us is my past…it’s so pathetic that something that has nothing to do with [you&I] is what’s keeping us from a beautiful future.

  15. pnog:

    for the strength and vision to make the world a better place.

  16. S:

    That I break down soon. I don’t know how much longer I can hold out.

  17. kaa:

    To be a better wife, mother, employee, sister and human being.

  18. sarah:

    that i could go back in time and go to art school, instead. i guess this is the ultimate “be careful what you wish for”

  19. Anne:

    I wished we would be together

  20. Javier:

    I wish very stupid things sometimes, but the last serious wish was to do great on my job and school!

  21. Mike:

    That they removed all the cancer.

  22. s.u.s.a.n.:

    That my son adored his mother instead of hated her.

  23. kv:

    that my boyfriend would be able to go to sleep every night without having to cry about losing his father.

  24. Rayton:

    meeting great new people I would admire

  25. catie:

    that i could get out of class

  26. Copper:

    to find someone

  27. Natalie:

    I wished that wherever he was, Jim Butz was safe and that his family would recover. RIP buddy, I’ll never forget your service to this country.

  28. Kendall:

    11:11 tonight i wished that my friends and family stay healthy

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