Question 551

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  1. Aaron:

    The later half of my life.

  2. Hallucinogenic:

    Magic Mushrooms

  3. Angria:

    My undergrad major and eventual career….the one thing in my life that I am 100% confident in my decision even though I went through hell to discover such a calling.

  4. When I started everything again, I thought it could be a tragedy but instead, it unfolded a whole new life for me and gifted me with even bigger confidence to face with whatever challenge life has to throw on me 😉

  5. Morgan:

    I learned that I am more then what he said I was.

  6. kp:

    my realistic perception of the world, which came after alotttt of bad.

  7. Megan:

    The summer before freshman year I really wanted to go to an academic program through Duke and I didn’t apply in time to get into the class I wanted. I then decided to apply to a similar program through Johns Hopkins. Even though I didn’t get to take my ideal class, I took another one that I loved and I made some of the best friends I’ve ever made in my life. It was the best decision I’ve ever made.

    I love CTY and I love the passionfruit

  8. b:

    A best friend who truly gets me.

  9. Blink:

    I went back to college, whilst working 50+ hours a week and my abusive ex girlfriend living with me for a large portion of my studies caused great heart ache and problems, but it allowed me to afford a new life and a move to university, without her living with me I wouldn’t have been able to financially afford my new life.

    Having the strength to get through the tough times in order to live for the good times is sometimes what it takes for dreams to come true.

  10. Johanna:

    When choosing the college I am currently attending, I picked it because it was the farthest from home while still staying in the same state. I wanted to go as far away from home and my abusive father while still being able to get scholarships that I would receive for staying instate. But none the less, I picked the school because it put over 400 miles between me and my dad. Whilst here, I met a girl who is more my family than my blood family. She’s my big sister and she’s helping me come to terms with where I’ve been while still supporting where I’m going.

  11. Danielle:

    I think my family’s life has actually gotten better since my dad’s traumatic brain injury.

  12. Ally:

    After years of depression & being suicidal, I finally found God.

  13. pnog:

    I think that something good has come out of every bad circumstance I my life. The first one that pops into my mind is my final project at uni. The fighting and stress and what it taught me about teamwork academics and not to sweat the small stuff.

  14. hasnain:


  15. Anne:

    I now know how to work with people I can’t stand, and still get things done.

  16. winston:

    I got a oth discharge from the Navy in the 80’s because of weed but just as soon as I got out I meet my future wife and now I’ve got two great kids.Its still haunting me though but f-em.

  17. Javier:

    Getting to know someone better, your friends, and new people.

  18. Alicia:

    Rejection from my first-choice college led me to my boyfriend.
    Even if we didn’t end up being together, would’ve been worth the rejection just to get to know him
    Wouldn’t trade that for anything <3

  19. Bailey:

    I didn’t make the cheerleading squad my sophomore year of high school (I was on it freshman year) because I got ‘too chubby’. I instead joined the colorguard team, and found the most sincere friends I have ever known.

    It seemed awful at the time, but I’m so glad that I gave up the girls who only cared about stereotypes.

  20. s.u.s.a.n.:

    A new appreciation of life (good) arose during/after my breast cancer. Breast cancer is one of the BEST things that has ever happened to me.

  21. GG:

    I kissed a girl last year, which lead to me to finally come to terms with my sexuality. I love being an proud lesbian – it’s one of the hardest and nervewrecking experience that i’ve gone through but i wouldn’t change it for the world.

  22. TBR:

    Struggling with MDD, really showed me who my true friends are. Having a tumor and going through surgery, made me stronger (as cliche as this all sounds, its true). Spraining my ankles before my first ever dance competition and choosing to dance anyways, should me and others that dancing truly is my passion and that I can overcome practically anything.

  23. Jenny:

    My new boyfriend, from my ex-boyfriend.

  24. Ellen:

    New appreciation for people who actually care for me and won’t use me. I found a new voice and self-respect I didn’t have before. Ironically it took being treated horribly, being used and lied to constantly to make me realize this.

  25. Tiana:

    my strength from high school

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