Question 553

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  1. Aaron:

    Being on duty has been a giant pain in the butt! I can’t leave this building until tuesday…

  2. Sar:

    My children. I love them, but by God, they can be draining some days!

  3. LJ:

    My eating disorder.

  4. Morgan:

    Being uncomfortable with my body.

  5. Angria:

    Mental illness

  6. d:

    My future MIL

  7. Living in a motel for four years.

  8. Luci:

    Stress over finances.

  9. Danielle:

    A girlfriend who’s never there, and the fear of ending up alone.

  10. A:

    Knowing that nothing I do will ever be good enough.

  11. Rachel:

    money and school

  12. Meghan:

    My best friend and her dramas between guys, need to flirt with new guys, and be influenced by new guys I introduce her too. She always comes back to me saying she’s a bad person. I can’t tell her that I think she is..

  13. JS:

    The love of my life is leaving in 12 days.. I don’t know how I’m going to cope. I’m so scared.

  14. winston:

    Being stuck in a unhappy relationship(for my boy she would surely try to make things difficult)

  15. Laila:


  16. s.u.s.a.n:

    My son’s depression.

  17. Mandy:

    Tooth pain :/

  18. jw:


  19. my own obsessive thoughts 😀

  20. Javier:

    Distance relationship.

  21. S:


  22. savannah:

    loving him.

  23. pnog:

    my own high expectations of myself and always thinking I can milk more happiness out of life.

  24. Alicia:

    Remembering that a year ago, I was dead set on trading everything I have for a different life. Now I’m still here, and glad for it. I was so sure, but I’m so glad I didn’t go through with it. I don’t know what to make of it…how do I trust myself knowing that I can be mistaken even if I’m completely sure? More than that, I keep getting the sense that the me of even a year ago wouldn’t recognize me now…and it’s unsettling. Shouldn’t I always be able to recognize myself?

    I don’t know who that is in the mirror…I don’t know if I ever will.

  25. Jessica:

    nothing! for once

  26. .:

    My self consciousness. The love of my life. My education. Someone I knew that passed away in a tragic accident.

  27. a:

    Still being in love with my ex who doesn’t seem to care that much about me anymore.

  28. Gracie:

    my family

  29. Abdul L.:

    The lack of respect for human life in the world

  30. Rachel:


  31. kv:

    my boyfriends struggle dealing with the fact that his father killed himself

  32. Jazzygirl:

    The fact I’m too much of a coward to end things with someone who I know I don’t love, and probably never will..

  33. anna:

    lack of appreciation

  34. Heather:

    a boyfriend who can’t keep up with my pace and doesn’t understand me

  35. lindsey:

    my own insecurities

  36. renee:

    State assessments and unrealistic expectations placed on my students and me.

  37. TBR:

    MDD. Stress. HOMEWORK. -______-

  38. SueISAwesome:


  39. Muppy:

    nothing… cause i wont let it…

  40. giving myself to him unconditionnaly, giving it all without even having second thoughts..
    losing friends for him, put distance with them for him
    and in the end ending up almost alone.. and with bad grades

  41. Sky:

    My loneliness. Depression. And lack of self-esteem.

  42. Rayton:

    Doubts about myself and fear from the future.

  43. Green Knight:

    The people who are supposed to be my friends.

  44. catie:

    the people in my school who think there better then anyone else. whenever im in a good mood all it takes is for me to see them being mean to someone else and i get all depressed

  45. Taylor:

    Thoughts of ending it all 🙁

  46. Nichole:

    The distance between the two of us…

  47. Ashley:


  48. Ellen:

    Realizing I’m the only one without a significant other in my group of friends.

  49. Angel:

    Discontentment and negativity.

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