Question 554

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  1. Javier:


  2. Aaron:

    How to be yourself.

  3. sasha:

    -how to love someone

  4. Anna:

    Love & Friendship

  5. Virginia Woof:


  6. Liz:

    raw emotion

  7. Maia:

    Integrity…when a person is honorable for the sake of integrity, that hasn’t been taught.

  8. Debbie:

    Love: you’ve got to learn it by yourself.

  9. Kamal Kant Gupta:

    How to live…..

  10. Alicia:

    The question is much too vague.
    When you say taught, do you mean by a person or by experience? That is how people learn. Our experiences teach us as much as other people. If we’re not taught something, we don’t learn that something.

    If we can’t learn such things as how to live or be ourselves, we are perpetually screwed as a species.

  11. Barbara:


  12. Emmy:


  13. s.u.s.a.n:


  14. Laila:


  15. Mohamed Abohadi:

    Falling in love

  16. Jessica:

    Work ethic

  17. Julia:


  18. pnog:

    I’ll go with emotions. I think that’s the one thing that real AI will never be able to get. Anything else that can be taught I think will eventually make it’s way into computers.

  19. winston:

    How to be (cool) and I think everyone knows what thta really means

  20. Alex:

    Discipleship ….it must be caught.

  21. Ari:


  22. Abdul L.:


  23. Rachel:

    Right or wrong, although it is

  24. Danielle:


  25. maddy:


  26. Lindsay:

    How to be something that I’m not

  27. Heather:

    who I am.

  28. TBR:

    How to love.
    How to really convey emotion when you dance and put your own personal style on your moves, not just execute the steps.
    How to kiss. I mean, you can improve someone’s kissing, but you can’t completely change it. Everyone’s got their own style with slightly different nuances. Its awesome. (not like I’ve kissed a million boys! x] )

  29. Sadies (From USA):

    What it feels like to Truely be IN LOVE

  30. SueISAwesome:


  31. Deminica:

    Love, you can’t be taught to love, you only jump in head first and hope for the best!

  32. Rayton:

    admiration or passion

  33. Andreia:

    Somebody elses level of pain.

  34. catie:

    how to love

  35. Marie:

    Drive to do something. You can teach how to harness it and what you should have it for, but if you have a true drive you just have it.

  36. Alex:

    How to be yourself. You alone must learn how to do that.

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