Question 27

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  1. Amanda:

    Don’t judge others and be kind to people

  2. Ris:

    There is always someone there for you, whether they’re your best friend sitting next to you every morning, or the sister you only see every few months. There is always someone to talk to, and you’re never alone in anything.

  3. Mavrik:

    I’ll start with what John said earlier, “There is more to life than money, material things, and social status. There are people, there are experiences, there is passion.” I’ll also state in importance for the human species to better understand it’s relationship with Mother Earth and how we must get our relationship with each other under control or our entire existense may be at stake soon.

  4. Meghan:

    If you never come into contact and take the time to notice people and things who represent different beleifs and ideas than you, you are probably living an ignorant, sheltered and shallow half-life.
    Think about how much you really know about other people, or what you think you know about other people, from what people who think like you have told you.

  5. Megan:

    You are beautiful

  6. RubenRybnick:

    Pay attention to yourself for it is the most ignored part of a persons life.

  7. Lara:


  8. Nick:

    Live life right and meaningful.

  9. Morgan:

    Be kind to one another. Your words are powerful weapons. They do damage to the inside, where no one can see the emotional battle the person has gone through. Simply because there are no physical wounds does not mean you have not left any scars. Be kind.

  10. rob:

    you have one life, live it

  11. Max:


  12. lizzie:

    Enjoy life for real, this unique moment you got here on earth make it count

  13. Michael Hitchcock:

    It takes true courage to be compassion.

    People who are being aggressive are usually just trying to cover up their weakness, fear, or stupidity.

    People who are push-overs or victims are usually using cowardice, weakness, or stupidity to cover up their strengths.

    People who are honest with themselves and don’t hide their feelings are more fun to be around.

    Most generalizations about people are really just the speaker’s veiled comments about themselves and most people who give you general advice are actually trying to get you invested in sharing their world-view, and the problems that come with that.

    Most of the time, people talk about stuff because they are trying to figure it out, not because they know about it.

    If you are patient and give yourself time, you can learn to tell the quality of a person.

    You are your own best teacher. (The best teachers know how to read a book, how to listen to others, how to experiment, and how to ask for help.)

    Any feeling you have is real. Listen to it and continue in a way that incorporates that feeling in one way or another but don’t throw yourself away for one feeling, feel all of them and continue.

    As often as possible, capture the spirit or intention of something or someone instead of getting captured by the superficial words.

    Thank you.

  14. sebipops:

    Express with your universal langage!
    and Free your emotion

  15. chichay:

    life is short so don’t waste it,

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