Question 555

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  1. My children and my husband.

  2. ratclw:

    The hope that she will one day stop making things up because she thinks she needs to make things up in order to be liked and get attention.

  3. Cory:

    My dreams and Values no matter how stupid they sound to others. Even if I don’t succeed atleast I’ll be doing what I love….I honestly will bring my dream till death with me.

  4. Angria:

    maintaining my beliefs/ideals towards life, regardless of what others think of me. I’d rather be true to myself than lose my integrity to fit in.

  5. Heather:

    My life.

  6. Morgan:

    My goal of losing weight.

  7. .:

    My family, my goals and dreams.

  8. my life too, I think that’s the only thing I can promise 🙂

  9. jw:

    My family, dreams and lines.

  10. Drew:


  11. Aaron:

    My goals. I’ve got lots of them and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon 😀

  12. anon:

    my friends-I can’t give up on people, even those that hurt me.

  13. Kris:

    same! i can’t give up on my friends, no matter what they do, no matter how much they make me cry

  14. Mohamed Abohadi:

    My goal to change my career, be richer and have higher position

  15. Lee Eun Soo:

    The Lord!

  16. Blink:

    My faith in humanity and my determination to change the world for the better.

  17. Z:

    Life, not just surviving but a life worth living. I will keep my hopes, faiths and loves. I’ll make dreams into reality and open myself to what’s true.

  18. Haiz:


  19. Gracie:

    love, my friends and family

  20. Anne:

    other people

  21. Barbara:


  22. winston:

    God,my children,and my family.

  23. Laila:

    Improving myself

  24. Tere:


  25. Kamal Kant Gupta:

    Thinking to do something for people of this world…..

  26. pnog:

    I like the way Z says is “Life, not just surviving but a life worth living.”

  27. Abdul L.:

    The hope for true world peace, love, understanding, forgiveness, togetherness, respect, faith, compassion – nothing for personal, financial or political gain

  28. Rachel:


  29. Javier:

    Myself, family, and my lover.

  30. vcm:

    hope and patience. even when the going gets tough, i just pray to God to help me stay hopeful and patient.

  31. midnight poet:

    God, myself and my goals

  32. Dhaval:

    self improvement….

  33. Danielle:

    Trying to be happy

  34. kv:

    one day making up with my ex best friend. i miss her everyday.

  35. Nicole:


  36. Debbie:

    Love, friendship, myself, my dreams and future.

  37. TBR:

    My family. Community service – doing everything I can to make some people at least smile. & Dancing.

  38. Anurag:

    My girlfriend, my family and my goals 🙂

  39. Sue:

    Trying to better myself

  40. nerazzurri:

    my love

  41. mm:

    My hope to get a good husband that will love me for exactly who I am – I know it is corny

  42. my family values and my future boyfriend.

  43. Emily:


  44. Muppy:

    happiness and life. if you give up, then you dont deserve the chance to try. the only reason rich people are rich is cause they never gave up… so dont.

  45. Rayton:

    my curiosity
    , my personality, my uniqueness, my interests

  46. catie:


  47. C-man:

    What will you never give up on?
    Giving up is defined as losing the right to something due to an error or offense committed. In my life, I have many rights. As an adult American citizen I have the right to vote, the right to free speech, the right to privacy, heck, I have the right to be heard. That is something of extreme importance in America. All of these things are impressive godsends with respect to impoverished parts of the world, where the lifestyle of many is in a state of extreme hardship and has been for some time. Yet, there are still those in this awesome country who are compelled to overexaggerate the minor inconveniences in their life and completely overlook how well-off they truly are. Some of them have abusive parents, others are the abusers. Many are lost and cannot find their way to any form of solace and end up lying down with a false sense of acceptance, conceiving some ill-begotten routine that they call a “lifestyle”. This devastating fact evokes a deep sadness from me. I want to help them! I know the way! I have been there and done that and I know how to help them escape! I have endured the burning temptations of the devil for many years now, and Satan is not about to give up anytime soon. I know that if I were to give up hope because of all the heart-breaking details of so many families and individuals, I would likely never find my way back to the light. This sobering fact has taught me a very valuable lesson: if the adversary is not going to give up, why do I give up so easily in so many battles I fight with Satan every day?
    “I really wish that I were more like T—– A—-. He is quite a cool guy. He’s got the looks, the brains, the spirit, and the style of a “perfect” guy. What do I have? I have some life experience dealing with a demon that has been assailing me for seven years of my life now. I really don’t understand why T—– looks so good, and I look so bad. Yes, I was raised by a single mother that really couldn’t handle the stress of a divorce, four kids, and a burned down house with her youngest daughter inside (rescued by her neighbor, by the way). This caused me to be raised by my videogames and Doritos. How fair is that? T—– likely had parents who loved him and watched after him day by day, teaching him the gospel as he was growing up. Yes, my mom did take me to church, but let’s face it, she was not a devout LDS. I wish she would have been. I know we would be closer to each other now if she had been closer to God, but she shunned her duties to teach me the right ways to handle everything in my life and connect to others in a social environment, using the aforementioned reasons as justification for not really raising a child she bore. I wish I had a dad that would have been there for me. To teach me to play baseball, take me out fishing with him so I could get my first big catch. I wish I would have been on the football team, instead of the gymnastics team, because football gets all of the attention—especially when you are good, and I know that I would have been good. I am that kind of kid—always willing to work harder to perfect something that I feels needs to be perfected. Is that because of the way I was raised? Nothing was ever good enough in my life to pay attention to so I am reacting in a way that provides hyperattentiveness to the flaws in my life? Who knows? Who cares? I care, but that’s beside the point. T—– still looks freakin’ awesome and I can’t wait to each lunch tomorrow because I really want to try that chicken bacon wrap from the school store. But wait, I can’t! I’m on a self-imposed diet because, once again, no one cares enough about me to help me lose weight, they simply ask, ‘Why are YOU trying to lose weight? You have already lost like forty three pounds and you look awesome.’ Do I? Do I look awesome? Well, I do, but only with respect to my former self. No one knows me like that anymore. Can’t they just understand what the heck I went through as a kid? I was tormented daily about my weight—no, not only at school but by my family at family parties, weddings, and Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was the worst. I never felt qualified to have seconds because if I were allowed seconds, I would most definitely go for thirds; then onto seconds on desserts. People took notice of how I was looking. One cousin would always chime, ‘Fatty, fatty, two by four, can’t fit through the sliding door?’ Another would ask, ‘So, when are you getting liposuction?’” These were the thoughts I had while I was growing up. Those comments will never be forgotten. They have left scars. I was desperate, I had to prove them wrong, but the temptation of food was so strong I couldn’t resist. I started noticing how I looked in comparison to other boys my age, around eleven years old. They were all so skinny! I was the “fat” one in my grade. I was a major bully. I kept noticing their bodies and started to yearn for one like theirs. This was the fatal desire that caused my spiraling downward—I was caught in a storm of pornography.
    Millions (I’m not exaggerating) of pictures of men of all sorts started to fill my mind; their rippling abs of steel sweating and writhing on another’s body. Committing the most sacred act and soiling the holy morals of it by having sex with another man. That extremely brief account of what has been a part of my life for so long was exceptionally hard for me to recount. I cannot believe how much I have let SSA pornography influence my life. This is the institution that has had an unbreakable grip on my mind ever since I was in junior high school. I have come to hate this practice will all of my psyche—all of my mind, my body, and my soul. I will not sit back any longer and allowing these carnal appeals control me. I will no longer sit back as I “let it happen” to me. I will NEVER follow the moral standards the world has set for they are crumbling daily. I will never, EVER give up on my Savior, who has extended his hand ever-merciful hand into the murkiest, foulest, and most morose of pits of filth to save me—a soul I once thought insignificant—and bring me back to face a reality where “giving up” is not an option in His plan for me, but where fighting is His way to build me into who I am today, that I might help others who have struggled with similar trials. There is nothing in this world that I would give up on: family, friends, my beliefs, not even attempting a math problem that seems impossible to solve. I have earned the right to control my life, and there is nothing is this world that I would give up on—nothing, except for giving up.

  48. Ellen:

    My brothers.

  49. Alex:

    My opinions and morals.

  50. seeing my sisters face in all of my dreams after she left.!!! 🙂

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