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  1. I dug him out by walking half a country across 😀

  2. b-:

    -at an applebee’s. he was drunk and i had no idea he was flirting with me just thought he was being obnoxious and drunk. so i just ignored it. but now we’re together.
    i love him!

  3. Heather:

    On a school bus when I was 9. He was a bully picking on me, because I had his seat. I won.

  4. Tom:

    On a school bus, I was 12, She bullied me for sitting in her seat, and for the record.. I WON!

  5. Emmy:

    My husband and I met at a teen Bible study and started debating theology. By the time we figured out that we agreed on pretty much everything, we’d fallen for each other. We dated five years, and now we’ve been married more than a year. He’s the best! 😀

  6. Drew:

    Heather, Tom, thank you for that.
    You both just helped make my day.

  7. Debbie:

    On a event at the beach: ran across him and we didn’t want to leave each other alone anymore 🙂
    Instant click 🙂

  8. Richard:

    I went to Peru (her country) for several months as a missionary volunteer shortly after she moved to the US (my country). I met her family while I was in Peru, and through them we got in contact with each other. After a year and a half of Facebook chat and phone calls, we finally met in person, and it has been going great ever since 🙂

  9. Danielle:

    Online. But due to her father being a homophobic bigot we have to break up. We don’t want to, but there’s nothing we can do. I still love her, but I guess I’m single again… ='[

  10. Garth:

    I kept seeing her go into a yoga class in my local gym… I had to join it to have something to speak to her about. Needless to say we still go together 1 year on…

  11. winston:

    blind date

  12. shikha:

    i found her tumbling out of a garbage can, chewing on a stick, and scratching her ear with her foot. I was smitten. immediately. still am.

  13. pnog:

    Current one, at a bar.

  14. Dirk:

    Via a Law of Attaction Community on Mike Dooley’s website 🙂

  15. Leila:

    we’ve been friends since fourth grade, and best friends since 10th. but we didn’t start dating until a year after we had both left for different colleges. =) funny how things work out. our relationship has been always long distance (if you don’t count summers) but we have such a great foundation in friendship that it doesn’t matter.

  16. Alex:

    I was sitting outside with a friend who called him over. He had a guitar in his hands and sang a song to me that he made up on the spot about my shoes. I think I fell in love with him at first sight.

  17. kv:

    in preschool when we were 3. he left that school, but we met up again in our freshman year of high school and realized that we went to preschool together. i thought he was obnoxious. our sophomore year we clicked and started dating in february of this year. we’re 7 months strong today, but it feels so much longer

  18. Javier:

    At a school party! (today six months together!!!)

  19. dalskap:

    He was a regular customer at my workplace. One day he asked for my phonenumber. We’ve been married for 5 years now 🙂

  20. Gabz:

    Marching band 🙂

  21. Julie Dawn:

    We met through mutual friends when we were about 16 and eventually hit it off had a baby split up. Then about two years of not speaking directly to each other I went to a rec hockey game with some other mutual friends where he was playing. And when he seen I had arrived he scored 3 goals, after previously playing poorly, I guess the guys were heckling him for it in the locker room. But after that night we ended up talking and spending time together again and realized we both felt the same thing after two years and have been together ever since. 🙂

  22. Met on four yrs ago and I broke up with him because he couldn’t keep a job. He found me last year on anothher dating site and we had been together off and on since then. But we broke up last week and i miss him terribly.

  23. Alicia:

    Martial arts club.

  24. Joselyn:

    My fiance and I met at gamestop waiting in line to get a midnight release of a video game. I didn’t give him the time of day at first but he put his number in my phone and told me to text him and he was just so cute that I couldn’t pass up the offer.

  25. Hannah:

    We are truly nerdy couple because we met at band camp when we both were in high school 🙂 He was talking with my friends and me but all my friends left except for a couple people i didn’t. Me being the awkward person I am looked at him and basically said hey, umm i don’t know you sooo I’m gonna go somewhere else. Later in the week I realized that was quite mean and apologized and we started sating after.

  26. James:

    I met him my first day at a new school freshman year. I thought he hated me… truth is he never even noticed me. Junior year I came back to find that we had several classes together (for once). We sat at the same table in math and we had our first legitimate conversation in two years. I made him laugh several times, and that night he added me on facebook, chatted me, and then messaged me his phone number. We texted for three days straight, only stopping for -minimal- sleep. We discovered that we have the same values, beliefs, and taste in music. He gives me butterflies. <3

  27. Firefly:

    We were on the coach to school, started talking occasionally which grew over four months. We became so close, texting every minute of every hour of every day and just being totally smittened by each other! One day he was sitting behind me and I was play-punching his hand through the window side hole of the seat. He held on, and we ended up holding hands for three days! Then a few days later we got together and here we are 4 and a half years later both in university 🙂

  28. sunnyabrooke:

    He was my ex-best friends boyfriend. She abused him mentally, emotionally and physically. He mentored me through an abusive relationship as well. Me and the girl don’t speak anymore, but she talks to my ex…

  29. isa:

    can’t wait to find out!

  30. Ashley:

    My boyfriend and I met because he was going out with my best friend. That was three years ago, they broke up like two years ago and now me and him are together 🙂

  31. Kendall:

    My boyfriend and I met when we were seven years old and camping. I had a crush on him the MINUTE that i saw him. His dad was family friends with my parents so he wasn’t some absolute stranger. The catch was, he lives near Tacoma, Washington and I’m in Spokane so we rarely saw each other as kids. But every time we did, there was always this giddy crush that I had on him. Sophomore year of high school, we admitted that we both had liked each other since that first day we met. And Junior year, he drove 4 hours to take me to my homecoming. We’ve been dating a year since October 17th 2011 and despite the distance between us, we make it work. He’s an amazing person and I absolutely adore him.

  32. Kendall:

    I totally meant October 17th 2010, I always mess up something. Oh how embarrassing 😛

  33. Angel:

    I met him through website with a series of unbelievable coincidences. I’ve been with him ever since through ups and downs. What attracted me to him was that he never judged me despite everything. He makes me realize everyday how blessed I am. It might sound teenager-ish but I don’t know what I’d do without him.

  34. Alex:

    Through a close friend 🙂

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