Question 558

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36 Responses to “Question 558”

  1. writing my true thoughts for at least one hour every day 🙂

    I am doing it about 80% now^^

  2. theassistantkingtonearlyiambicpentameter:

    awaken beside my beloved…make, um breakfast.

  3. shikha:


  4. Mohamed Abohadi:

    writing what i did on that day

  5. Alex:

    most of the time i am focused on some project. So i don’t have a lot of time meeting my friends. I guess that will be one of the things.

  6. Morgan:

    Give the people I love a thoughtful gift or beautiful thought.

  7. V3nD1:


  8. jw:


  9. Laila:


  10. Leila:

    stand on the top of a mountain or on the shore of an ocean

  11. mukuta:

    feeling love and peace
    being at ease

  12. b:

    hug my best friend

  13. Maria:

    Watch the sun rise on each new day

  14. Maria:

    Go for an early morning walk at sunrise

  15. Kaylee:

    Change someone’s life for the better.

  16. pnog:

    Learn something new.

  17. Javier:

    Riding my moto!

  18. Danielle:

    Hug every person I love and remind them of how important they are to me.

  19. Debbie:

    Love, smile, laugh, hug, kiss … being happy.

  20. Love the man I truly love each day.

  21. Heather:

    constantly help people and really live

  22. InfiniteAngel1477:

    Have Love and Contentment and Live my Life Happily and in Peace… with the knowing that everything was going to be ok and I would hurt no more.

  23. Marli:

    I would take a walk on the beach.

  24. winston:

    Trick question

  25. TBR:

    2 things: Sleep with my boyfriend. And I do mean sleep, like zzzzzzzz sleep. 🙂 And dance. Every second of everyday.

  26. octav:


  27. Rachel:


  28. Sarah:

    go to sleep every night knowing i have achieved something, made someone smile and im happy

  29. Irene:

    Ballroom Dance! 🙂

  30. Emily:

    Ride horses

  31. Rayton:

    travel or learn something interesting

  32. daniela:

    take care of my patients the best I can

  33. Alex:

    Care for and help others. Give advice and listen to peoples problems.

  34. Joe Heller:

    Sing Rebecca Black’s “Friday” naked atop the World Trade Center, blasting from the loudest speakers in the world.

  35. Eljai:

    sleep soundly for 8 hours

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