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  1. Johanna:

    I was 12 miles from where the plane went down in Pennsylvania at my great aunt’s funeral.

  2. kv:

    my first grade music classroon. my best friend sierra kemper walked in and said “did you guys hear about those two buildings that got hit by airplanes?” i didnt understand

  3. jw:

    In my home watching the living.

  4. sasha:

    -it was either in my 4th or 5th grade social studies classroom. the teacher had it on the news, it was crazy, then the bell rang to go to the next class.

  5. chiara:

    I had brought my little brother to the playground. I met a friend of my mom, who told me what had happened. I didn’t quite understand, to be honest O.o

  6. S:

    I was sheltered year 1. I only learned about it in scraps over the coming months/years…It’s been a “historical” event for my whole life…

  7. Danni:

    I was in the dentists office, my mom and I watched it on this tiny tv with all the assistants.

  8. Ralf:

    I lived in China. News were often censored so I didn’t bother with TV much. I probably went out for sport on 9-11, or met friends for dinner.
    My colleague told me next morning in the office.

  9. Tiva Joy:

    I was living close to Cherry Hill, NJ with my fiance. I slept in until around 9am or so. I called in to work to check my schedule and my boss asked me if I had heard about the bombing of the World Trade Center. I didn’t believe him at first, until he repeated it like 3 times. Then, we turned on the news. It was amazing to me how many people I knew of that didn’t go into the city for different reasons that day.

  10. I was 13 years old, walking home from school when the kids passing by me were shouting words like plane crash, terror, Usa, world trade center. I remember running home turning on the TV and crying. I cried so much.

  11. ratclw:

    Ms. Bevington’s 7th Grade Pre-Algebra class.

  12. Megan:

    I desperately wish I remembered. I was five. Too young to even understand what was going on

  13. Richard:

    I was eating breakfast before going to classes and I turned on the TV to check the news. They were covering a story about a possible plane crash at the World Trade Center, and were speculating that a small plane had somehow veered off course. I was watching when the second plane hit. It is something I will never forget.

  14. Cindy:

    I was in my first year Arts lecture in UBC. I remember everyone was just sitting their seats when the news broke, dazed and not knowing how to react.

  15. Laura:

    I was in 5th grade, and I remember hearing a little snippet of something about a plane and the World Trade Center on the car radio as my dad was driving me to school. I wasn’t really paying attention to the radio, to be honest, and it didn’t really sink in. I didn’t realize what had actually happened until I got home that afternoon. My mom was watching the news, and I sat down and watched it with her.

  16. b:

    i was in fourth grade in my classroom and watched as the plane hit the towers through my classroom window

  17. Javier:

    My seventh grade classroom, with my friends, i think i remember they put the news on the TV in the classroom… i remember i watch everything when i got home on the TV.

  18. Jessica:

    Fourth grade. My mom took us to school and went in to ask the principle if about some field trip she wanted to plan (she’s a teacher). The principle looked at her and was like.. now isn’t really a good time to discuss that. My mom was confused and asked why not, and she responded that tons of parents were calling to see if there was still school. When my mom clearly didn’t know what was going on, she told her to go back to her room and turn on the news.
    We went to her room, and we watched it together. Then they were also playing it in my actual class when school started.

  19. Laila:

    I was 8 and didn’t quite understand the enormity of it all. Now I do…

  20. Maria:

    I live in Australia & put TV on to watch Sunrise & every channel was reporting the terrible disaster but at that time we had no idea of the full extent of what had happened .

  21. Maria:

    Here in Australia I put TV on to watch Sunrise & every channel was covering the devastation
    but at that time we had no idea of the full extent of what had just happened

  22. s.u.s.a.n.:

    I was in my car driving to the office and heard about it on the radio.

  23. Emmy:

    I was getting ready for school (7th grade) when my dad called from work to tell us to turn on the TV. We started watching just a few minutes before the first tower fell. I was late to school, and when I got there no one knew for sure what had happened, so I was the one to tell my class and teacher about it. Even then I didn’t fully understand the enormity of it, but I did know that everything was about to change.

  24. Lisa:

    I was in third grade just got into lunch and started eating my grapes, when my best friend elbowed me and was like why is your mom here? My mom told me what happened in the car, and we watched the planes crashing into the towers for a little over an hour, when she was like I can’t believe something like this happened.

  25. Ben:

    I wish i could remember. i was 5 when it happened and i honestly dont remember any of the teachers being upset or going home and seeing my parents upset…

  26. pnog:

    In my first week of highschool. Can’t remember what class but I do remember the classroom.

  27. Danielle:

    My 6th grade art class. I didn’t understand what was going on. I just thought a tiny little commuter plane crashed in Central Park, then I got home and found out the whole story…

  28. Leila:

    i was in my first period in sixth grade. someone came in and told my teacher to turn on the tv. i think more than anything, the fact that the news kept showing the footage over and over and that the teachers were very serious, talking to each other in low voices, caused me to realize that something really bad had happened. every period we went to that day, we watched on the classroom tv.

  29. Heather:

    In my 4th grade classroom, then was sent home, and cried because my dad was on a plane at that same time (not the same one I thank God.)

  30. Aviva:

    At the mailbox, after getting off of the school bus. I was in 3rd grade, and I don’t remember anyone saying anything or crying during the school day. I could have just been oblivious. The minute I got off the school bus, though, my mom explained to me that my dad had called her early in the day to tell her that there was a bad crash and to turn on the news. She first thought that something had happened in Israel, where my cousin lived, but my dad told her it was in New York. I didn’t really know of the Twin Towers at the time but my mom said that they were important buildings. I also remember trying to watch TV that week but it was all ‘scary news’.

  31. winston:

    At work

  32. jill:

    At Disney World with my husband, daughter, 2 stepkids, and my parents. Everyone was asked to leave the park immediately without any explanation. We first heard that the Pentagon was hit, but had no idea the World Trade Center Towers were involved. By the time we got back to the hoptel, both towers had fallen.

  33. lauren:

    i was only in kindergarden and the teachers kept telling us to not turn on the tv until our parents told us we could. the news was playing when i went home. that minute of video when the plane struck then skipped to the first tower falling will never leave my memory

  34. Kristy:

    Sixth grade with Mr. Penz at the end of the school day. We weren’t supposed to know because we were too young, the school didn’t think we could handle it. But he told us anyway, and it seriously freaked me out. I don’t really know why, because I didn’t know anyone in New York… but I understood that things were bad and a lot of people died… and I know I cried then.
    Then I went home and my parents were watching it on tv…

  35. TBR:

    Elementary school. 2nd grade. Pulled out of class, saw it on the news at home. Thought it was some stupid action movie. I didn’t really understand what was going on. I was so young.

  36. Amnah:

    On my way to the Islamic school I attended at the time. A few hours later, and angry mob stormed the predominantly Arab neighborhood and school shut down for a week out of fear for students’ safety. I was in 5th grade and didn’t quite get why my parents were so afraid to let me and my siblings out to play those first few weeks following the attacks.

  37. Amy:

    I was in my 7th grade social studies class. We all walked in and sat down, eating snack as usual, when my teacher closed the door and sat on a desk at the front of the room. Now this was a teacher that never had a serious look on his face let alone never sat still for more than five seconds. We all knew something was up. He told us the news and just about everyone had tears in their eyes and one girl spoke up and said “But my dad is on a plane right now” and completely lost it. I can’t imagine how she felt. Its something I will never forget.

  38. Sadies (From USA):

    I was only 6 when it happened so I imagine I was at school in my 1st grade classroom but unfortunately I don’t remember anything from when I was that young. I know we had tv’s in our rooms so I assume the teachers turned on the news, but as I said, I can not remember exact details.

  39. Rachel:

    At my first ballet class. I was five.=]

  40. Sarah:

    asleep due to the time difference when it happend. went to school the next day and a friend had told me about it. i had just turned 13 the day before

  41. Kassi:

    I was six years old. I was at school getting ready to go outside for recess. Unfortunately, that’s all I remember from it.

  42. Andreia:

    I was in New Zealand sitting in my lounge eating breakfast in front of the TV, when this picture came on of the Plane hitting the buildings.
    My thoughts at the time were what movie is this that the Americans are making now.
    Then reality hit and as I walked to work I felt silent and numb.
    That day at work was like being in a dream world not really knowing what was behind such a thing like this to happen.

  43. Rayton:

    I was out in the park playing with a friend when his mother told us about the news.

  44. catie:

    in pre-school

  45. Taylor:

    I was 11 years old in wood shop class in school.

  46. Ellen:

    5th grade. On the school bus on my way home.

  47. Natalie:

    I was in preschool and I remember coming home, taking my shoes off at the door, and watching a clip of a big plane smashing into the World Trade Center. It must have been on a loop, because I can see it over and over again in my mind.

  48. Alex:

    In school.

  49. I was 5. I dont remember much. I came home from school and my mom was watching it on tv. I live in New York, and my mom said that she was at work that day, and she watched the planes
    crash from the 18th floor of the hospital she works at. I just remember asking her if it was an accident.

  50. Hi Liam! I had a great summer! I hope you did, too! Did you take any trips? I can’t wait to have you in 3rd grade! I am ready, too. Mrs. Harlow

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