Question 561

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  1. Angria:

    Trust. Compassion/Love. Honesty.

  2. Trust. Humor. Communication.

  3. love, love and love 😉

  4. Kamal Kant Gupta:

    Faith,love and a good understanding…..

  5. Cheetah:

    Trust, communication (including honesty), and friendship.

    “It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.”
    -Friedrich Nietzsche

  6. Alicia:

    I’m with Cheetah on this one. Friendship is the foundation, and all that is implied-trust, honesty, communication, compromise, understanding, laughter, humor, selfless-ness…

    Also, way to quote Nietzsche…nice! 🙂

  7. Gracie:

    First trust, because without trust, you have nothing. Then love and communication

  8. Debbie:

    Trust & Honesty



  9. Jess:


  10. Love, respect and communication

  11. Aaron:

    trust, communication, and enjoyment of their company.

  12. Joselyn:

    Trust, Honesty, and communication

  13. Hannah:

    trust, openness, and honesty.

  14. s.u.s.a.n:

    Respect . Trust . Communication

  15. Laila:

    Respect. Trust. Passion.

  16. winston:

    companionship,honesty,and a whole lot of money

  17. pnog:

    I’ll jump on the trust, communication and friendship wagon.
    I think this wasn’t much of an open-ended question as most people seem to be answering the same thing.

  18.  :

    Common interests.
    Time apart.
    Time together.

  19. kp:

    honesty. trust. loyalty.

  20. Jessica:

    Trust. Honesty. Friendship.

  21. Emmy:

    Trust, friendship, and one thing I’m surprised hasn’t been mentioned yet: forgiveness.

  22. Danielle:


  23. Yardly:

    Understading, accept as he/she is, give space n freedom. Anybody will start to live for the person who gives all these 3 keys.

  24. smartin:

    Trust, respect, devotion

  25. vcm:

    self-giving love, honesty, and excitement

  26. Rachel:

    I think it completely depends

  27. Sue:

    I agree with Cheetah.

    Friendship, Trust, and Communication

  28. Sarah:

    trust, respect and friendship

  29. Nic:

    Trust; communication; mutual respect.

  30. nerazzurri:

    sacrifice, patient, forgive

  31. S.:

    To me, respect, support, and good communication are the key components of a healthy relationship.

  32. Gloria:

    Trust, Love, and respect. without these neither person will be taken care of. it doesn’t matter which trype of relationship you’re talking about.

  33. Sofia:

    Communication, Fun and Space!

  34. Emily:

    God first and foremost, respect and love

  35. Andreia:

    Love yourself, respect yourself, be honest to your self and then you can really love someone else.

  36. Rayton:

    interest, care and adoration

  37. Anne:

    honesty, trust, loyalty

  38. Kendall:

    You need more than three but the ones i think are essential are trust, love, and patience

  39. Alex:

    Trust. Love. Friendship

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