Question 563

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40 Responses to “Question 563”

  1. TBR:

    Hugs. The sunrise. Random hello’s. Other people smiling. A nice breeze. Dogs chillin’ out of the car window with their tongues hanging out.

  2. zoe:

    -when my boyfriend sends me a sweet good morning text or calls me before he goes to bed just to say goodnight.
    -inside jokes with my best friend that make me smile when i randomly think about them.
    -pretty, warm days with a nice breeze.
    -random compliments.
    -when someone is nice in return
    -songs that come on the radio that make me feel good
    -when something brings back good memories, a smell, a place, a song, etc.

  3. Angria:

    Random things I learn in class, especially when the prof is really passionate about it. Always comes out better.

    That and when my horse walks ahead of me a few feet and then she stops and looks back at me like “hurry up!” Makes me crack up every time!

  4. Danielle:


  5. shikha:

    the word ‘toast’. and ‘hedgehog’. seriously. they never get old. ever.

  6. Jeff:

    The smell of just baked bread on a winter morning.
    A small child who you don’t know saying hello.

  7. AnonyMOUSE:

    This picture! (the one used for the question)

  8. Sandy:

    Babies smiling, my dog running free on the beach, beautiful sunsets and sunrises and dancing in the moonlight with my husband, my 2 year old granddaughter saying “I love you Granma”

  9. Ana:

    the sun!

  10. Yardly:

    When a baby winks at me. Even a hard face will make the lip to curve.

  11. Johanna:

    a smile from another person

  12. anon:

    The sun hotting a blade of grass just right, the wind in my hair, when something good happens to someone and they can’t wipe the biggest grin off of their face and puns.

  13. Heather:

    the complete openness in a parent and child’s smiles when they see each other.
    the hysterical giggles of a child when he is being tickled.
    funny parts in a good book.
    old couples holding hands.

  14. Leila:

    when you step outside and the weather is PERFECT.
    when the sky has green in it…it’s a color we don’t expect to be there, but it is sometimes. =)

  15. Charly:

    hands down… dog.

  16. Will Hurt:


  17. Laila:

    A sweet text from a friend

  18. s.u.s.a.n.:

    I agree with you Charly … it’s gotta be my little dog, Bob. He is pure love, joy and unconditional love all rolled into a furry little package.

  19. a sincere talk ~.~

  20. winston:

    watching kids play organized sports

  21. pnog:

    my students’ smiles. It’s contagious.

  22. Anne:

    sunrise/sunsets. perfect weather with the perfect little breeze. giving/receiving cards. acknowledgement for hard work. going to my parent’s house. hearing old songs that make me reminisce. birds chirping on a spring morning. going to bed with the windows open.

  23. Aaron:

    Lame jokes never seize to make me laugh and smile.

  24. vcm:


  25. Rachel:


  26. seeing others smile =]

  27. Sue:

    Sunsets and Bubbles

  28. Javier:

    Some one else’s laugh, or a quick joke!

  29. Sarah:

    good memories

  30. Jacqui:


  31. cupcake:

    Getting letters shoved in your locker by one of your closest friends letting you know how much you mean to them when you need to hear it the most. 🙂

  32. Muppy:

    the beat of the music as it takes control of my feelings and mind and gives me a reason to live…

  33. daniela:

    my family 🙂

  34. catie:

    the smell of rain after a storm

  35. Rayton:

    sight of people around me smilling

  36. Ryan:

    Someone else smiling or seeing a couple having fun and laughing. Or just being around the people I care about, then I can’t stop smiling! 😀

  37. dick:

    being gay

  38. Alex:

    Little kids being adorable and innocent.

  39. Josephine:

    Black guys in suits. Every time.

  40. hexmage:

    Scooby Doo.

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