Question 566

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21 Responses to “Question 566”

  1. live mindfully

    find a soul mate

    eat healthy


  2. vcm:

    1. get into better eating habits.
    2. successfully complete my classes with high standards.
    3. be more sociable.

  3. Morgan:

    1. Lose 10 pounds.

    2. Make my boyfriend happy <3

    3. Get good grades this year.

  4. Sue:

    Top 3 Short Term Goals

    1.Get all A’s for the semester
    2.Stop being late to everything
    3.Keep all of my extracurricular’s in order.

  5. HappyDaze:

    uno. find a someone that will make me happy, not stressed
    dos. become a vet assistant
    tres. find out what I really want

  6. winston:

    enjoy today my yougest son grow up.3 try to be a good dad.

  7. Richard:

    1. Spend more time with God
    2. Spend more time with my girlfriend despite the long distance relationship
    3. Learn Spanish

  8. Laila:

    * Get A’s for all my classes this semester.
    * Join the gym and visit it regularly.
    * Get familiar and comfortable with my new life.

  9. Ceri:

    maintain sleeping pattern

    finish sorting out my room/house

    do well in my assignments

  10. noconfusionaboutstorytime.etal:

    idk. 1. acquire everything i desire. 2. have my preferences fulfilled 3. create and maintain world peace. preferably forever.

  11. zoe:

    -gain some weight back
    -quit bitchin’ and be happy. realize that my boyfriend is great and i have no reason to bitch
    -catch up on homework!!!!

  12. pnog:

    – pass Japanese level 2 proficiency test
    – live a more healthy lifestyle (eating and exercise, but mostly proper sleeping habits)/
    – become more proficient at drawing and sketches

  13. Julia:

    Drive better.
    Study hard.
    Get a good role.

  14. Rachel:

    Get all A’s in my junior cert
    Get distinction in my drama exam
    Become satisfied with my weight

  15. Javier:

    Finish my semester great.
    Do a great job at work.
    Get a better fitness and health.

  16. Danielle:

    1. Pass all my classes
    2. Graduate and pass the NCLEX
    3. Get a nursing job I like

  17. .:

    1. Finish the school year.
    2. Get my iPod fixed (booo)
    3. Spend more time with my animals

  18. Jacqui:

    help others in need
    be mindful of the planet and recycle more-waste less
    lose 10 pounds

  19. S.:

    Finish my project
    Read up about my job
    Ask someone out

  20. Rayton:

    Get adjusted to university life and the freedom and tolls it involves.
    Take care of my appearance
    Improve my basis of knowledge towards the beginning of the semester

  21. Fartun:

    To get all A’s. Im a sophmore in college and I never be a great student. But next semester I’m going to try my darn hardest to get all A’s^_^

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