Question 572

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25 Responses to “Question 572”

  1. Aaron:

    Big boy or IHOP

  2. Leila:

    Red Robin

  3. Hong Kong Rest. (It’s our local Korean Food Rest.^^)

    Plus I love my Mom’s kitchen, it produces best food I’ve ever eaten 😀

  4. sasha-:

    -cheesecake factory-

  5. Emmy:

    I’m with Sasha – Cheesecake Factory!! Or else (depending on the day) a little independent Japanese restaurant called Matsukaze in Grants Pass, OR.

  6. alix:

    – blue moon cafe
    – paper moon diner
    Breakfast for dinner = 😀

  7. Laila:

    Breakfast for dinner definitely, Alix!

  8. bsf:

    probably Rustica or Toro, the local italian and japanese restaurants

  9. SueISAwesome:


    Playing with your food is fun!

  10. Richard:

    Local restaurants – Chico’s Tacos, Chapala Express, Phuket Thai. All have good, inexpensive food.

  11. I don’t have one, why have just one? I prefer to be surprised and delighted by new unsung discoveries every day or week. Food is so varied so why not expand the experiences of where you find it?

  12. Lovechangedme:

    Pascarez is yummy. (Local italian rest.)

  13. TP:

    The Globe in Boston 🙂

  14. Rachel:


  15. ching:

    Any 5-star Sushi restaurant.

  16. pnog:

    Golf Steak House Waterloo ON CA

  17. Heather:

    i like Panera Bread. Buffalo Wild Wings.
    When I went to OR I liked Moe’s.

  18. (required):

    i don’t ilke restaurants.

  19. Javier:

    Italian are the best!!! and also my mom’s dishes, i love sushi, chinese, BK, etc.

  20. Caitlin:

    my favorite resteraunt is Joes Crab Shack

  21. Kris:

    cozy thai in state college, pa!! soooooo good!!

  22. Grac(ie):

    JBs by far

  23. catie:

    Joes Pizza and Family Restaurant AMAZING

  24. Alex:

    Peqouds Pizza 😀

  25. Me:

    Clarks down in Florida. They serve seafood there, mmmm I love seafood! And you can sit outside on the deck and watch the alligators swim around in the creek! Kinda scary but exciting and awesome at the same time! 🙂

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