Question 575

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30 Responses to “Question 575”

  1. Aaron:

    Laying under the shade on a lovely day and not having to do anything.

  2. Angria:

    My horse

  3. Knowing that no matter what happens to me, others will carry the torches of freedom and liberty forward into the future.

  4. Wesley:

    Just being in my girlfriends arms makes everything else go away.

    That and hearing of a good deed someone has done, reminds there are still good people in the world.

  5. Debbie:


  6. Heather:

    writing and music when no one else is around and I can just belt out my own lyrics or favorite songs. and when I cuddle with my dog.

  7. jw:


  8. caitlin:

    my cat gives me peace

  9. s.u.s.a.n.:

    I feel peaceful when I know my son is happy and content.

  10. Not fighting with life, allowing it to happen as it is, settling for more. It’s bed for the head.

  11. Laila:

    Realizing I am loved

  12. Reading in silence 🙂

  13. winston:

    good question.deep

  14. Mandy:

    Being at church worshipping God<3

  15. pnog:

    tangible: being out in nature
    intangible: knowing that humanity will continue to press on

  16. Morgan:

    Looking up at the sky.

  17. Lizzie:

    Been in peace with God, la misa, comulgar

  18. shrik:

    My work

  19. Abbey:

    knowing that God is in control.

    letting go, and accepting that I can only control my reaction and mindset toward something.

    being outside 🙂

  20. Cody:

    Me and my cat sitting under the weeping willow on a lovely summer day.

  21. EKF:

    being able to dance

  22. InsidiousObserver:

    A long hot shower.

  23. Kinza:

    Between 5 o clock to 6 o clock.

  24. Danielle:

    That one day, I might be happy

  25. catie:

    coming home after a long day to the bark of my dog knowing that no one can hurt me at home

  26. Catherine:

    Horseback riding

  27. Natalie:

    The knowledge that somehow, someway, all the work I’m doing now will pay off.

  28. Jp:

    The thought that I will die.

  29. Rayton:

    Reading a good story

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