Question 28

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32 Responses to “Question 28”

  1. Deveon:

    I wouldn’t put as many things off until tomorrow. And yes, I know I shouldn’t now either. Procrastination just gets the best of me.

  2. Kelsey:

    I would travel the world and learn as much as I could and learn as much as I wanted.

  3. i would live in slower tempo.
    i would savor every moment decently.

    what if i only got one day to live?
    i will do the same.
    whatever i do, i will try my best to put my whole heart in it 🙂

  4. I don’t think I would change much. I would probably try to find love earlier, and I wouldn’t wait around as much for other things in life. But that’s about it.

  5. I wouldn’t change a thing. Life is great each day, if I get 40 years worth, fantastic! More, bonus!

  6. Scipio:

    I think we all would. People would be less inclined to put up with a social and economic system that keeps them in near poverty and unhappiness if we thought there was no future.

  7. Dawn:

    I would seek a closer relationship to God

  8. Sally:

    I would do what I want to do before I die. Crazy things like skydiving, travel the world, eat exotic foods, experience thrills. I would also want to find love, and grow as old as i can.

  9. sailor:

    Travel the world, learn and follow my dreams and vision,and be happy all the time.Now is that different?

  10. Madrykson:

    In some places, that is the average lifespan. I think those people live more simply.

  11. Grace:

    I would live my life to the fullest, and i wouldn’t be here sitting on the computer and being lazy.

  12. Rich:

    more good,less harm

  13. The Rev:

    As though I had about 40 years to live.

  14. Kayane:

    I wouldn’t enter uni at an early age. I’d spend my teenhood being a normal teenage, go to a prom, break rules and actually live.

  15. Exsanguinator:

    Same way my ancestors did when the lifespan was 40 years – live in a hut, farm mud, be subservient to a tyrannical lord, then watch my entire family die of the plague.

  16. bobby:

    Hmmm, repsecting more my parents – because they will be dead soon enough.
    Thinking about kids when younger.
    Thinking about more vacations. Not thinking about house morgage.

  17. i probs wouldnt waste my time responding to stupid questions on the internet.
    luckily, theres plenty of time for that.
    hey, wait, i shud go do something else

  18. i wouldn’t. we die when we’re supposed to and that’s it. i’ll accomplish what i’m supposed to regardless of when i die.

  19. April:

    I would stop putting things off to be done tomorrow. Jeez, I waste so much time.

  20. Aimee:

    I wouldn’t spend half my life in school. I would do what I needed to be happy now. I would live decently and kind.

  21. Amanda:

    I would take more risks

  22. Geo:

    I’ll stop doin homework and start learning and reading the things that only interest me.
    I’ll work in a creative and enjoible work place, and use that monye only for my own apartment, my photogear and my porfolio.

  23. Mavrik:

    As I am older than that now, I must append the question with something like – “If I’m presently 20 and I’m being made aware the average lifespan is 40 then I would hope that others would have place much thought on the matter and society would have suggestions and influence for a twenty something. That I would have the wisdom to heed good advice. I would think the advice would go the direction of being kinder and appreciative of our existence with a strong lean towards worth goals and finding love. The intent being to feel that sense of accomplishment, positive influence and satisfaction and of loving and being loved – which is the way I would hope to feel before my last breath.

  24. sabb:

    I would spend less time in university

  25. RubenRybnick:

    I think id be much the same except depressed if at his age i was only were im at now

  26. RubenRybnick:


  27. Nick:

    Maybe I would take every opportunity that comes my way, kinda like the movie Yes Man, but not too much. I still have free will.

  28. Hannah:

    I would tell him how I feel.

  29. Michael Hitchcock:

    I’m doing ok now, but my young twenties would have been even more regretful. What was I waiting for?

  30. Kotie:

    I would quit highschool.

  31. Rowena:

    I wouldn’t be afraid to do what I really want to do. I wouldn’t let “you can’t” rule my life.

  32. chichay:

    i would do everything i want and try to see what life is about

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