Question 578

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26 Responses to “Question 578”

  1. Wesley:

    I have a decent job, an amazing girlfriend, and an overall happy life.

    With this, the one promise to myself I still need to fulfill is getting a college degree.

  2. Kat:

    That I’ll get better and recover from my issues

  3. Morgan:

    Losing weight.

  4. Emmy:

    Well, I can’t really see this one fulfilled until either I or my husband pass away, but I promised myself that I would never divorce him.

  5. Angria:

    I promised myself three years ago to remember my goal and to keep going even when I feel like I can never get better or my life will always be like it is now. I know it can and hopefully will get better, but I just need to keep my eye on the goal.

  6. Heather:

    To make something of myself. I don’t care to be some well known name, but someone who can make a difference in someone’s life, like so many have made a difference in mine. I want to travel and help people, so it is a long term goal that can repeat itself over and over and over and over and over and…..

  7. Nic:

    To forgive myself.

  8. Me:

    I agree with Nic

  9. H:

    To get to my goal weight

  10. Nick:

    Being weird, doing adventurous things and not abusing my future kids.

  11. pez:

    take family to Disney World 1st class

  12. b:

    to forgive myself for all the mistakes i have made.

  13. pnog:

    to save the world

  14. Stay minimalist inside too – eat only the amounts I need 😉

  15. Danielle:

    Be happy. Don’t care what others think. Be a good person to everyone.

  16. Lucia Bartošová:

    2 learn LISTENing preperly!

  17. Laila:

    To make the best out of life and just enjoy it without worrying all the time

  18. my recovery…..

  19. to be statisfies wid wat i hav…….bt still wish for sumthin……….coz afterall….u need to hav a reason for livin……..:D

  20. Laurel:

    I still need to forgive myself and not be afraid.

  21. Neicy:

    Allowing myself to be loved by someone in a romantic way

  22. Marie:

    That when ever I needed help I would reach out.

  23. Alice:

    To love again.

  24. Rayton:

    To be confident enough in myself

  25. cassie:

    to achieve my goals and make my life better

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