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  1. Heather:

    I am assuming that this fire would not claim the life of my dog and she will be alive and well, so if I could just lump together one thing it would be my photos and albums. I don’t think I could live without the memories.

  2. H:

    Probably would have to say my diary, photos/albums, and of course all of my books.

  3. As long as their would be no one hurting or dying, I believe I will be fine with the rest ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Blink:

    I’ve had to think about this one, everything apart from my diary is replaceable. I’d only miss my photographs if I were to lose anything in life and they’re all online, so hopefully they’ll never be lost.

  5. Hopefully, this never happens but if it does, here is my answer:

  6. anon:

    my bible, my journals and something from my childhood with a lot of memories attached to it

  7. Morgan:

    I’d would miss my wardrobe, my writing and my collages.

    My wardrobe is my identity, it tells everyone who I am. I’m not a spoiled brat who buys brand names just for the name. I care a lot about my clothes and they’re a part of who I am.

    If I lost my writing I would lose a part of myself, because every single emotion I’ve ever had is written down somewhere.

    The walls of my room are covered with artwork and pictures and just anything that catches my attention. My walls represent me. They are who I am.

  8. Richard:

    The Bible my church gave me when I left as a missionary volunteer,
    My photos,
    And I’m not sure what else…

  9. Danielle:

    All my pictures, anything sentimental my family has ever gotten me, my books. Okay, that’s more than 3, but some things are hard to choose.

  10. Cory:

    What House?

  11. pnog:

    My computer, my external hard drive, my iphone

  12. JJ:

    The quilt my grandmother made me before she died
    Family photo albums
    The house itself as there is a memory attached to every single dent in the wall and creak in the floor boards

  13. Gracie:

    Assuming all the people are fine, I think the biggest thing I’d miss is all my photos. Because everything else is replaceable

  14. winston:

    As long as my familys fine I wont miss a thing.

  15. catie:

    old photos, new photos, and nothing else

  16. ratclw:

    I would take my journal, a quilt that I made myself, and my computer (because it has all my photos).

  17. Leila:

    love letters, my artwork, and a couple of gifts given to me by friends long ago.

  18. .:

    My computer (sadly)
    My teddy i’ve had since I was born
    My music.

  19. jess:

    Assuming that my family is okay…
    1. The stuffed animal that I’ve had since I was born, Boniface (the COOLEST green bear ever).
    2. Everything I’ve written. I lost it all once before because I was being an idiot and didn’t back up my files. If I lost it all again I would be devastated.
    3. Everything in the top drawer of my dresser. It’s all the things that are most important to me: photos from my childhood, a thumb stone I found in my brother’s garden, letters to and from family and friends, love notes I’ve written but never had the guts to send, a pair of dog tags, several pieces of jewelry I inherited… everything in there has a TON of meaning, and losing any of it would be a tragedy.

  20. daniela:

    1. ALL my books

    nothing more. I’m honest!

  21. Azrael Beck:

    1) A christmas ornament giving to me years ago (a small child wearing his dads firefighter uniform)

    2) My Ipod (music maintains my sanity)

    3)the shoe box under my bed (contains picture, notes, birthday cards that have real meaning.)

  22. Conor:

    Probably my computer, my memory foam bed, and my box of memories.

  23. Sadies (From USA):

    My ipod
    My memory boards, not so much because of the pictures, but the notes/tickets/ect.
    And my laptop because, even though I have pictures and lyrics and a “diary” all of it’s on my laptop also so that would have everything.

  24. Green Knight:

    1. My Teddy since I’ve had since the day I was born (when I was 5 I promised him we’d die together).

    2. My writing (the stories may still be in my head but the words themselves are irreplacable).

    3. My photos (they are the gateway to my memories, and my window into the world around me).

    (in close 4th place are my books, but those are replacable.)

  25. Krys:

    1) My father’s urn

    2) The drawing’s my best friend drew for me

    3) Pictures

  26. jam:

    My great grandmother’s piano. It brings back a lot of memories.

  27. Rae:

    my poetry jurnals, they are whats lft of a troubles past and good reminder of were i have been . thats all everything else can be replaced

  28. Rayton:

    1) my computer- all my life is sotred on it. I live through it, learn through it, communicate throu it, experience and plan. When itยดs down, I will lose my precious music, learning devices, beloved books..

    2)my piano- I just love it, love playing it and admire whatever surrounds it. I will miss it badly, but more I will miss playing the piano.

    3) my camera

  29. Sevs:

    Our House! ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Joleen:

    1) my guitar

    2) my books

    3) my collection of folders and papers

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