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  1. Morgan:

    My boyfriend. Call it a teenage crush, but all I can think about is the odd things he says, the cute way he smiles when he laughs, how his freckles cover his face like the stars cover the sky. He just makes me happy, and that’s why he’s always on my mind.

  2. LAX:

    My MA advisor. I want to know her teaching secrets.

  3. My parents~

    Actually I am going to my hometown tomorrow to spend 8 days with my parents, fully focused on them, and ultimately say the words *I love you* in the face πŸ˜‰

  4. Angria:

    A close friend who moved away and my grandfather

  5. Gracie:

    a close friend of mine. I really miss him; his eyes and his smile, the way he’s able to make me smile even when i’m having a horrible day…. He makes me happy, and I wish we could be with each other right now

  6. Lucia BartoΕ‘ovΓ‘:

    hehe, an mazing FRIEND, i’ve met almost half a year back, was in love with, but am that HAPPY he’s showed me the value of TRUE FRIENDSHIP [core of any long relation].
    mayB we’ll reain just friends, but he’s TOO DEAR 2 me! πŸ˜‰

  7. Mo:

    My future in college. What do I want to major in? Will it be too hard? Will I make friends easily? ETC

  8. Richard:

    My girlfriend

  9. the guy i really like not mentioning names but he doesn’t like me back.

  10. AJ:

    An old friend I have fallen for

  11. catie:

    my friend i never see anymore

  12. ratclw:

    My mom and dad.

  13. Heather:

    My best friend Luke and how much I miss him.

  14. b:

    the best friend i had but lost because our romantic relationship fell apart

  15. J:

    A guy who I like who I think likes me back

  16. My ex Johnell, but not because of any romantic reason. I know his wife threw him out, and I’m worried he will fall off the wagon.

  17. Ching:

    This guy I recently met online on a dating site. He sounds sooo sweet…I find myself falling for him. I’m noot sure though if he’s for reals πŸ™ but at least I can smile again πŸ™‚

  18. Laila:

    Him and what could’ve been if only

  19. Leila:

    my friends, and how much i’ve been taking them for granted all this time. they’re amazing people, and i’m so glad they are an integral part of my life.

  20. .:

    Someone I have been thinking of like mad over the last year. I’ve found myself growing incredibly attracted to her and I hate being away from her.

  21. Sandra:

    My parents,

  22. jess:

    My best friend, and a new friend: Brandon and Drew. Each of them means the world to me and without them I would be nowhere. They treat me with respect, challenge me, make me laugh, make me cry. They cheer me up when I’m depressed and hug me even if I’m sick. I wouldn’t hesitate to do anything for them. I’ve talked to them for hours on end and said nothing. I’ve comforted them as they have me. I love them both. They’re cooler than the flip-side of my pillow and more amazing than painting with all the colours of the wind. These two young men are a large and significant part of my life right now.

  23. pnog:

    the girlfriend and my parents

  24. Danielle:

    Rachel =[
    Friends =]

  25. bsf:

    my best friend. i’m worried about her being too stressed. and i wish she would open up to me more.

  26. winston:

    This girl from high school.think about her all the time

  27. Raeil:

    I’ve been thinking about someone who I haven’t met a lot recently. A friend of mine says we’d be perfect together, and we have a lot of similarities anyway, but he’s got a TON of stuff to do this semester, so we might not be able to meet for quite a while. πŸ™

  28. Karden:

    Someone I met just 2 weeks ago. Were just friends but he’s the perfection picture of the guy I’ve always joked about needing to find. So nearly unreal

  29. Lo':

    My best friend who I miss madly.
    My ex, who was used to be my best friend, but is now someone I don’t even know.
    My old flame, as in the guy who I liked for a long time, and how he’s been stringing me along.
    This guy, who just over a month ago I didn’t know existed, and how makes my heart race faster, my breathing hitch, and my knees go weak…and how I can’t say anything about it.

  30. Katy:

    Someone I used to be friends with… we don’t talk anymore and I can’t help but wonder how she’s doing.

  31. Wesley:

    My Uncle, He’s my inspiration for going to college and being an engineer.

  32. Firefly:

    My grandad. All I have is a few photographs and a vague memory from more than 12 years ago.

  33. Taylor:

    My best friend who passed away in 2008.

  34. Nichole:

    The guy i’m in love with. For a while it was just a normal crush then we got in a fight and when we made up we fell in love. unfortunately he moved to michigan to go to interlochen.

  35. The guy I love, I can barely think of anything else.
    He doesn’t feel the same, and even though I know this… I can’t stop.

  36. S:

    The guy I like. Wishing I knew if he liked me too :/

  37. Shannon:

    Those i love.

  38. Bryan:

    A girl I work with that used to be my best friend but had to part ways with because I always wanted more, but she never felt the same.

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