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  1. Drew:

    I don’t really know, and I think that’s where the beauty comes from.

  2. jess:

    Drew, you should email me. Seriously, your responses are amazing. and yes I’m aware I will most likely be spammed and you won’t even see this. But who cares? Life is about risks, and this email address is one I rarely use anyway. If you happen to look back and read the answers following yours, I’d love to talk to you…. Your replies to these questions genuinely fascinate me.

    Anyway, to answer the question: Happiness to me is indescribable. It’s something I’ve never been able to reach and maintain. I may glimpse it – even grasp it for a moment – but it’s always torn away from me at the last second, leaving me clenching a pale and mocking shadow of what once was.

  3. Megan:

    Happiness is realizing that there’s nowhere else you’d rather be than where you are right now.

  4. Nikki:

    Happiness is being content with where you are, who you’re with and what you have right now. It is living in the moment.

  5. Danielle:

    Not caring what other people think about you, enjoying those you have around you, and enjoying what you have in your life and appreciating it.

  6. Old and gold love – my late Mum who adored the coastal town Ive just moved to and a special lady I left behind who, in her heart, couldn’t come with me. Love never dies, it always stays with you.

  7. Laila:

    Being content with yourself. Being at ease with what you have and what you don’t. Living life like you want to live it.

  8. Petrie:

    This is a great piece i found about happiness a while back. Can’t put it any better myself!

  9. bsf:

    for me, it is dancing, and being complemented. i love when people tell me something i’ve done is good, and they really mean it. being told i’m pretty/beautiful is also high on my list because i’m not told it very often.

  10. Happiness is many things. Above all, it is a choice. It is taking action, it accepting yourself for who you are and where you are in life. It is also our relationships with others. 🙂 Our actions determine our happiness, and we choose our actions, choose to be happy!!!

  11. pnog:

    Happiness is either the lack of fear or the inability for fear to have an effect on you. Happiness is not being afraid to love someone and not being afraid if they don’t love you back. It’s not having to worry about getting something you need for survival or basic dignity, while not worrying if you can’t obtain a single item on top of that. (as a book I read stated, “want everything, need nothing”). It’s not being afraid of: being rejected/ accepted, failing, your image and how it’s percieved, looking like an idiot, what people think of you, your future, the future of the world, etc… I think we should always strive to improve each of these things, being happy doesn’t mean instant acceptance and doing nothing, but just the comfort in knowing that even if you try to improve any of these and fail, it’s still ok.

  12. Morgan:

    I’m giving a much simpler answer then all the others, but that’s what I believe happiness is. Putting together all of the little things and appreciating how wonderful life is. Maybe it’s just a lazy day in bed with tea and a good book, or staring up at the sky for a minute. These things make me happy, and that’s worth more then all the big things.

  13. Cory:

    Freedom to die with dignity

  14. Blink:

    Happiness to me is being content with where you are this second. When you let the worries and fears fade away and you look at the reality of life and be grateful for every second your breathing, every moment you’re alive. Life isn’t all roses and chocolate, but it is beautiful, and it’s the appreciation of that beauty that I see as happiness.

  15. daniela:

    right now I’d say Working hard and put my efforts WHERE I want. Have the chance to come back home exhausted after a work day which is the work I’m waiting for

  16. catie:

    feeling really good about yourself, the day, and feeling that nothing is really as bad as it seemed

  17. Breeanna:

    Happiness to me, is being able to truly smile even when I’m going through my worst.

  18. Laurel:

    Happiness would be always feeling safe and loved.

  19. Heather:

    Happiness…umm well I think for me is when I feel content with who I am and where I am at the moment, because I always know that i will be changing all the time, and i may have hard times, but I know i will always make it through. So I think it is just being content with myself.

  20. morgan:

    never having to stop yourself and ask yourself if you’re actually happy.

  21. pit:


  22. Alice:

    Happiness is the moment where you realize that you’re content with you life.

  23. Fran:

    Anything that brings a genuine smile to my face.

  24. miranda:

    HAPPINESS is my best feeling. I need it everywhere.

  25. Alex:

    Happiness is being myself and standing up for what I believe in no matter what. To live, to love, and to experience.

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