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  1. Drew:

    Growing up, because I figured out that it never ‘really’ has to happen.

  2. Angria:

    Voicing my own opinions.

  3. ratclw:

    Change. I used to HATE change. But it doesn’t seem that terrible anymore.

  4. Morgan:

    Having sex. I used to be so terrified of being hurt and abandoned afterwards, but now I think I’m finally ready.

  5. Alexandra:

    My dad. Now, it’s like try me, u wont get anywhere.

  6. Melissa:

    Public Speaking-now I see it as a chance to share my ideas, my knowledge, and my voice.

  7. Being loved, the being vulnerable in heart and body at giving yourself fully to another, to trusting them with your soul in their hands and making one into two to form a joint life of feelings, experiences, and togetherness. But now I’m not sacred, I’m delirious with the stuff.

  8. .:

    Being in a crowd. I’ve finally beat my anxiety. Woohoo!

  9. Maia:

    This is really lame…but getting haircuts. I had one bad experience in early childhood, and was TERRIFIED of them all the way up to age 16!

  10. Leila:

    spiders! i used to FREAK out when i saw them, but after having lived in australia with all of their GARGANTUAN arachnids, the ones back here seem so piddly and inconsequential.

  11. jess:

    This is really random, but… Disney movies. I used to be TERRIFIED of watching Sleeping Beauty – the dragon always freaked me out. But I’m really sick right now, and I’ve been watching Disney the past two days. I find them extremely amusing, as well as wildly inappropriate (something I never noticed as a child). Aladdin is the best. Movie. Ever.

    Also, I wish I could say “the dark” but that would be a lie. Still scared the bejesus out of me.

  12. DarbKat:

    aLieNs -^-

  13. catie:

    when i wuz little…being all alone in the dark. i used to think mike Meyers was gonna kill me!!!!

  14. Azrael Beck:

    Being myself. The truth is i’m a goof ball, a weirdo, a complete an uttter dork that can being the funniest person or the biggest corn ball in the room on any give day. However when i was young, no one except for those that were extremely close to me would ever get to see this side. Everyone else just saw a quite toned down version of me that never wanted to be in the spotlight. I guess i was shy or something, but those days are over.

  15. I was afraid of not being happy. But I’ve discovered that by being afraid I was fixated more on my fear than going out and living life. I lost focus of my relationships with others and focused inward. You need relationships with others to be happy. I will be happy, I am happy!!!

  16. J:


  17. pnog:

    I’ll take “scare” to also include make nervous. My answer is: girls

    I’m more interested to be asked “what’s a fear you should have overcome by now but haven’t yet?” but I guess that could be a bit too negative for some people.

  18. Blink:

    Being alone. I’ve realised feeling lonely and being alone are two different things. I can be alone but know I’m not lonely

  19. Heather:

    I agree with Drew, although I had to grow up early, I still have that little kid that gets to come out every now and then. It’s so nice to see her.
    I had 2 worst fears when I was little.
    1)my parents divorcing
    2)one or both of my parents dying.

    when both of them happened, I realized that life does go on, and even though it is hard, there are people there to help you through.
    Now, I’m not really that scared of anything. Spiders occasionally and being alone, but i have friends and sisters that are just a phone call away. Now the main thing I am scared of is romantic relationships, but I’m working on it.

  20. Alley:

    The dark. When I lived in a big city I had to have a nightlight. Now that I live in the country I can’t sleep if there’s even the littlest bit of light anywhere.

  21. Neicy:

    People. I had sever social anxiety to the point where i almost dropped out of school and i couldnt get a job. It was a long journey with a lot of panic attacks but I’m not longer afraid =) I love being around people now

  22. Sadies (From USA):

    The dark, like being in adrk forests at night and stuff but now I’m obsessed with being out at night and love being in forests/trails esspecially on summer nights and fall nights.
    Roller coasters. Was terrified of them til 3 years ago when my friends and I all went to Cedar Point together, and the first thing they took me on was Dragster.
    Taking chances with guys and telling them how I really felt and taking chances in general. Now a junior in high school, and been taking risks since right before freshman year, I couldn’t be happier.

  23. Alicia:

    People, interrogations, never escaping.

  24. Ryan:

    I used to be terrified of the dark until I realized I wasn’t scared of the dark, I was scared of what may be lurking in it. Then I realized that my imagination was overactive.

  25. Wesley:

    Never finding someone who would love me.

  26. Danielle:


  27. Katy:

    I used to be terrified of voicing my opinions, but now it’s something that comes naturally to me.

  28. Krys:

    Being alone.

    I used to be terrified of being alone and not just alone as in by myself but without being in a relationship. When I wasn’t in one, I was always searching for the next man that could be mine and when I was, I was obsessed with not losing them which ended up driving them away. After my last relationship tanked, I faced my fear and now I realize being alone is actually kind of nice and not something to be afraid of at all. I can be okay with being alone now.

  29. S:


  30. Rayton:

    walking around alone- I once would do that only with the company of friends, now it no longer bothers me.

  31. Fartun:

    The dark. It’s because my sister and brothers use to scare me with scary stories before I slept. Like boogymen would come eat me. lol

  32. Alex:

    Standing up for what I believe in.
    And being myself.

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