Question 583

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32 Responses to “Question 583”

  1. Aaron:

    study and hang out with friends…life is so busy…

  2. Morgan:

    Read!! I just don’t anymore. It makes me sad, I love my books.

  3. Drew:

    Listen to music with my eyes closed, watch sunsets, read, praying, make art, spray paint, make friends.
    Almost everything worth doing other than loving and thinking about things.
    But we all have things to work on, problems with be solved in time.

  4. Angria:

    Reading for pleasure. With all the reading I have to do for my classes, I just don’t have time to read the books I want to read anymore. Frustrates me soo much.

  5. Gagan:


  6. Paint

  7. NH:

    playing with my friends in the garden… was so much better at that time

  8. Blink:

    Playing sports, but hopefully I’m going to start again now. Also, sitting at home and just enjoy the silence.

  9. Richard:

    Fly. I’ve only flown a couple of times since I sold my airplane.

  10. Karden:

    Work out! I used to go to the gym everyday.. Almost obsessively. Since I moved out I don’t have a member ship and zero motivation! Never realized how much stress there is in my life!

  11. Laila:

    Sit around and do nothing. Student life is unbelievably busy!

  12. Heather:

    Bite my nails! a nervous childhood habit that I finally stopped! hooray for me! lol

    but uhh something good is what I am guessing they are asking for….

    relax in general. I kind of forgot how to. Anyone interested in showing me how it’s done? =)
    Making new friends… and I don’t mean just friends-for-now. I mean friends that last a lifetime..or most of one.

  13. Laugh out loud because life was stable and secure and my heart with it. Not done that for a good while but, hey, tomorrow’s another day!

  14. Katy:

    I used to horseback ride all the time. I’m not sure why I stopped…

  15. mac1:

    smoke 🙂

  16. catie:

    i would always be reading but i havent much time for that anymore.

  17. Laura:

    Read for pleasure! I just don’t have the kind of time I used to…I never have time during school, too many other things I have to get done. =( I try to make up for it by reading constantly on breaks (this summer, I think I read about 40 books, lol). But I miss reading before I go to sleep every night; now, I pretty much just pass out as soon as I get in bed.

  18. Mae:

    saying things i really do not meant.

  19. pnog:

    study / work in my field of expertise.

  20. winston:


  21. Alicia:

    Go running, write for hours, read one new book at a time straight through, draw, practice martial arts, play chess

  22. TP:

    I used to write in my blog frequently. And, as of today, I’m starting again! …This is my way of blatantly advertising. 🙂

  23. S:

    Read boooks.

  24. Stuart:


  25. kaileysue:

    I used to see my brothers and my baby sister every day now not si much

  26. Danielle:

    Play soccer, play my saxophone, sleep

  27. Daphne:

    Have alone time.

  28. sam:

    dream. may be it’s important to us

  29. pit:

    play sports

  30. Ellen:

    Reading for fun and writing.

  31. Leah:

    Read, be with my family, ride horses. Harder to do those things at college><

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