Question 584

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  1. Aaron:

    I have a hard time saying no to a lot of things. Most of the time I end up just changing the subject then walking away after an awkward comment.

  2. Laurel:

    Weed, cigarettes, alcohol, certain company.

  3. Blink:

    Helping anyone whether they ask or not.

  4. Nikki:

    Helping friends, even when I’m busy or stressed about other things.

  5. jess:

    I don’t find it difficult to say no, not anymore. After I stood up to my dad, I haven’t had trouble with it… Nothing can be harder than that day.

  6. tim:

    sex, food when I am hungry enough, type-A vacations of any length, extra time to sleep, a book that has caught my fancy and any mood-altering substance(to my detriment, sometimes) – to name just a few.

  7. Heather:

    helping anyone, whether i know them or not. My dad actually yelled at me once for saying yes to helping him.
    I like helping people because it makes me feel good to see someone smile, even if it was just helping them pick up papers. I know that I helped make their day a fraction better.

  8. catie:

    same as heather only its because I have an impulse for everyone to like me and it bothers me ALOT when someone doesnt

  9. pnog:

    everything. I am very much like the movie “yes man”. My friends often say my weakness is that I can’t say no.

  10. winston:

    women.Its a mental thing but a pretty face can take my last penny.They always have.Pray for me

  11. Zack:

    I would rather say, see you later but goodbye is so final.

  12. Alicia:

    …saying good-bye when I have to go and do things. I think of the other person first, and don’t want to ever make them think anything is more important to me than them.

  13. TP:


  14. Marie:

    Leading. I am a natural born leader and when I see an opportunity to lead or am asked to I have to take it, even though that sometimes means I become overwhelmed and have way to much to do. I have run into that recentaly, but God got me throughout it.

  15. Abbey:

    Helping people, especially when they need someone to talk to. And I have a hard time keeping myself from trusting people when I know I shouldn’t because they’ve hurt me many times before…

  16. AJ:

    love and all the false aspects of it

  17. Katy:

    Chocolate. I’ll never deny myself a good bar of chocolate.

  18. Wesley:

    Helping someone when they need technological help.

  19. To one third of my parents’ (all kinds of) requirements…

    And I think it’s also OK, since I feel good in pleasing them 😉

  20. ratclw:

    Doing things for other people.

  21. Amber:

    I naturally love helping people, even if they do take advantage of me sometimes.

  22. S:

    Committing to things.

  23. Danielle:

    Food, fun, friends

  24. Kathy:


  25. Krys:


  26. fluff:

    my little brother. hes the most important person to me. I will always be there for him.

  27. Spending time with people

  28. Alice:


  29. Taylor:

    Buying things at pawn shops…and tattoo’s

  30. Justis:

    a hug.

  31. Ellen:

    Him. No matter how terrible he was to me and how much he hurt me.

  32. Natalie:

    Letting people manipulate me. I hate that even when I know they’re taking advantage of me, I can’t muster up the courage to say no.

  33. Leah:

    Art museums, chocolate, procrastination, and bread. I eat way too much bread. 😛

  34. Tiana:


  35. Alex:

    Chocolate <3

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