Question 587

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  1. Drew:

    That I’m half retarded and half ‘inspiring’ as they put it.
    I think they’re full of shit.

  2. that I have awesome friends! they are funny, caring and the best peeps ever!

  3. Aaron:

    You could only learn anything about me from 2 of my friends. I love the rest of my friends just as much regardless. 😀

  4. S:

    Everything. Except possibly my true outlook on the life.

  5. I am little bit weired…I guess 😉

  6. catie:

    im WEIRD and

  7. Kirsten:

    I’m actually so different from all my friends. I really don’t think you could get an accurate picture of me at all from meeting them!

  8. Heather:

    That I am outgoing and a wee bit strange… but fun! 🙂

  9. Megan:

    That I’m not a typical teenager. I’m weird and proud of it

  10. Anonymous:

    I am a total nerd.

  11. That I’ve kept my heart hidden too long but allowed my aspirations to live.

  12. Justin:

    From any friend, that I am quiet and/or don’t really get myself out much. But my true friends would say maybe I can be silent sometimes but stick around and you could see how different and amazing I could be.

  13. pnog:

    My friends personalities are all quite different and I think that would show my multiple-facited personality. I can be driven, relaxed, social, introverted, technical, artistic… and I have friends that can relate to me when I am in any one of those moods. As well, I can easily change my persona to match my friends when I am with them. I’m a social chameleon.

  14. ratclw:

    That I have a lot of people who care about me.

  15. That I’m a homebody and that I like friends who tell it like it is. My friends are honest and they do not hesitate to talk to me when they think that I’m already starting to make fool of myself.

  16. kaileysue:

    that im very bubbly and my friends love who I am

  17. Alicia:

    I’d love to know the answer to this question…

  18. Danielle:

    That I’m really laid back, monotone, but like to have fun and can be pretty awesome.

  19. Daphne:

    I’m sensitive, a bit wild (will try most things once), funny and polite/nice to everyone unless someone really p’s me off.

  20. winston:

    Dont have any so just ask me

  21. Sadies (From USA):

    I’m a social butterfly, we love shopping music and just being together. Everyone’s so supportive and caring about me. That I love them so much and our inner circle is super close.

  22. Krys:

    My eccentricities, you can tell how eccentric I am by how different each and every one of my friends are. If you mean what you could learn about me by what my friends SAY, then the highlights of my personality, both good and bad. The pros and the cons. The major characteristics of my personality.

  23. daniela:

    this: I can and love listening to your stories drinking tea, all a night, but I need you to be patient with my extremes as well. I love colors, and mugs and taking pics and I hate gossip or prejudice. I love walking and running, but I use my driving licence only a few times year. I prefer apple juices, not mojitos. I prefer a few friends, not overcrowded popular places. I love travelling. Politically, I’m definitely not a tory.

  24. Kris:

    That I have an amazing group of friends, a lot of people that care about me and that know who I am.
    They could tell you I only have one volume, LOUD, and all my emotions are written on my face. That I’m insane, but they have to love it otherwise they wouldn’t hang out with me lol

  25. c:

    i smoke pot.

  26. Morgan:

    That I’m fucking weird.

  27. Alice:

    That we all care deeply for each other. That I get on people’s nerves easily. Everyone could tell you something different.

  28. miranda:

    I’m sensitive and you could obviously find it.

  29. David:

    that i’m mental! but in a positive way.
    and of corse that i’m always there when they need me.

  30. Rayton:

    That I like to have fun and get crazy sometimes, that I like to have conversations in very different levels and that I really care about my friends.

  31. Breutanan:

    You will learn that I do not discriminate. There is very little that one friend to the other has in common.

    I’m heavily tattooed, pierced and so on. You’d expect me to hang with ‘hipsters’ based on my style. However, my friends are from all walks, races, creeds. Truly. I have never picked friends based on anything other than how we get a long. Even as child I was the one who liked everyone.

  32. Shannon:

    my weirdness

  33. Melanie:

    That I don’t have a lot of friends.

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