Question 588

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  1. anon:

    “I’m ok” or “I’m fine”
    usually, that means they really are not. It is the most common lie I know of.

  2. Drew:

    Look at the upper right hand corner of the picture, there’s a face with his mouth open. See it?

  3. Bige:

    “I’ve got the situation under control.”

  4. m:

    ‘I’m sorry.’

    And, @Drew, I see it too. 🙂

  5. Emmy:

    That divorce is often good for kids. I teach preschool and can usually guess which kids have divorced parents. I understand that sometimes it’s necessary, but don’t try and tell me that old, “Kids are resilient, they’re bounce back quickly” line. It hurts them deeply, even when it’s necessary.

  6. Wesley:

    “I don’t know what happened” or “I didn’t do it”

  7. Jiggle:

    People often seem to lie about how much money they have or their financial situation.

  8. Lo':

    People often lie about their lives/themselves/their accomplishments in order to impress others. I used to be guilty of exaggeration for that purpose, then I realized 2.)that I was doing it & 2.) how totally unnecessary it was.

  9. Heather:

    I love you

  10. zoe:

    HOW ARE YOU ??


  11. Alicia:

    I’m ok, it’s ok, I’m fine, it’s fine, it’ll be ok, you can do this, I’m sorry, I’ll text/call/talk to you soon/later, we should hang out soon/later, I’m trying to understand, we know what’s best for you, I can handle it, I’ll figure it out, I’m sorry, I’ll try harder next time, I will/won’t do it again, I promise (insert phrase here), that doesn’t make you look overweight, you look fine, I’m not mad/disappointed/annoyed at you, you shouldn’t worry about it, this is my fault/problem/issue/responsibility, it doesn’t really matter anyway

  12. Danielle:

    “I promise…” Nothing is ever certain and therefore nothing can ever be 100% promised

  13. erika:

    i’m fine or i’m okay. but most of the time people really are not okay.

  14. Laila:

    I’m fine. It’s a lie I’ve told more than I can count.

  15. Ceri:

    It’s ok / I’m alright

  16. I don’t have time

    If only I had…

    When I have enough XXX, I will make YYY happen

    I will do this/that later

    … 😉

  17. s.u.s.a.n.:

    So many lies . . . each and every day. Lies other tell me and lies I tell myself:
    (1) You’re beautiful;
    (2) He’ll be OK;
    (3) He loves you;
    (4) Life’s not over;
    (5) You’re a good mother;
    (6) You’re a piece of shit;
    (7) You’re a poor excuse for a human being;
    (8) You’re a fake;
    (9) Nobody really likes you;
    (10) You have no real friends;
    (11) You have no family.

  18. pnogas:

    I think Alicia has it best: When XXX happens, I will make YYY happen.

  19. winston:

    I wont do it again I promise.I love you.Ive never really done this before.Its endless the lies that are told everyday.

  20. TP:

    “I’m not mad”, “I’m sorry”, and most prominently, “I love you”.

  21. Krys:

    I’m Okay. Nobody is ever really okay.

  22. daniela:

    “you have to be strong” it’s a lie.
    If we feel weak, we have to go through it and feeling it.
    If is strenght what we’re feeling, so be strong…

  23. Niv:

    I am sorry..I didn’t mean to hurt you.
    I will love you forever no matter what.

  24. Kris:

    i love you
    i’m fine
    it is what it is

  25. Javier:

    “i’m gonna be there at__” “I won’t be late”

  26. jess:

    “I’m fine.”
    “I’ll never leave you.”
    “Don’t worry, it’s okay.”
    “I still love you.”

  27. pit:

    it/you will be fine

  28. Morgan:

    “I’m fine.”
    “I’m not mad.”
    “Friends forever!”
    “I’m just tired.|

  29. arlet:

    that there is not hope. because there MUST ALWAYS be hope in the world.

  30. Morgan:

    “Nothing is wrong, i’m okay,” or “I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

  31. David:

    simple, next to the “I’m fine” it’d be:

    “sorry, I could not help myself”

  32. Rayton:

    1) that life must be hard and unrewarding
    2) that they’re okay
    3) “I just don’t have the time…”

  33. Shannon:

    “I’m fine.”

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