Question 29

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  1. Alex:


  2. sab:

    We all must meet our end someday.

  3. Hind:

    ” … Human in,
    all our ways and all our pain…”

  4. sodapop:

    we make mistakes and we have flaws.

  5. Puff:


  6. Aimee:

    The ability to love.

  7. Amanda:

    How we all just want to be happy

  8. Ella:

    We are united by fear.

  9. Ris:

    Everyone has some fear, but we also have the ability to have each other overcome that fear, no matter what it is.

  10. dani:

    some of the things said do not make us human. animals have a soul, have emotions, fear, love, thoughts, pain, languge, ect.

    listen to the whales sing. watch elephants mourn. see the fear in a deers eyes before its hit by a car, watch a pack of wolves hunt together as one, the way a dog will love its master until the day it dies.

    the thing that makes us human is the need to control everything around us. we dont know how to live in an uncontroled world.

  11. Alice:

    The power to do everything, or nothing

  12. Mavrik:

    I think the question is suggesting it ok to go towards answers such as soul or emotion or thought but if interpreted exactingly I would suggest that it is the very genetic composition that lends to those types of answers and as such not applicable answers. With genes providing those (except I don’t believe there is a soul) results and the question asking about other than genes the answer might then be along the lines of something such as existence.

  13. sabb:


  14. Meghan:

    It drives all people in different ways

  15. Megan:

    We are all seeking something more than what we have, whether it be meaning, possessions, love, or something.

  16. RubenRybnick:

    Were all unique just like everyone else

  17. bsf:

    heritage, tradition and smiles

  18. Nick:

    Though it may not be visible always to everyone, all of us have the ability to love.

  19. purple-elephant:

    flaws. not one person in this world is perfect.

  20. I going to go with Srikanth…. Smile 🙂

  21. lizzie:


  22. Hannah:

    Our imperfections

  23. Michael Hitchcock:

    The human nature; the human ideal is that we are perfect little learners. We can learn anything, including how to be stupid and limited. The common factor is that we become our environment, whatever that environment is.

  24. Rowena:

    We have the ability to sin… to feel… to live…

  25. zavia:


  26. Doke Richardson:

    We all smile in the same language.

  27. chichay:


  28. Taber McBee:

    People might throw me in the “lawbreaker” list for going against the question, however I think the most tying together commonality we actually have IS our DNA/GENES. Yet nobody can see that we’re the human race, one human race. And we are way too caught up with our subjective separations to keep this fact in mind.

    And since everybody is too busy with getting caught up with these distracting and intangible differences, differences which are only perceivable in the eyes of each individual beholder.

    If only people recognized that the human genome is so consistent (meaning by comparison to the consistency of genomes in other species of animals) that we’re more consistent in our near 9 billion population than the consistency of genes in one single family of gorillas.

    So I guess the real common things we have together is that our language is taking away from our objective experience and the emotions that we all share.

    We also forget how that many of these ideas* justify people dismissing the relatable experiences, the ones that we should consider because we wouldn’t like to be in those shoes if others set the positions for us.

    And that’s not to mention how we’re commonly irresponsible, overwhelmed, uncivilized, abstractly exclusive and daring enough to proclaim that we’re justified in these kinds of judgments.

    * Namely nationalism, money, ownership, entitlement, group pride, etc.

    * Also racism [this may come as a surprise to many of you but to call each other by generalized “races” is by definition racism, idiots] and to just group people by any kind of abstract or subjective thought

    Hope that can be thought provoking, find me on facebook if you have questions, comments or disputes.

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