Question 589

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38 Responses to “Question 589”

  1. Angria:

    I learn by questioning everything. I sometimes think I annoy the shit out of my teachers, but I have never stopped asking questions. No matter how small, simple, controversial, or complex.

  2. Emma:

    I’ve never stopped using my music to express myself. Whether it’s what I write or the songs I throw on a playlist, you can always tell what I feel just by listening.

  3. Sammy:

    My lack of self esteem, insecurities, desire to please, messy room, a friend.

  4. Drew:

    I’m still the mother of the teenage generation, I’m still an over thinker, I’m still confused and insecure and hopeful, I’m still inspired, I’m still lazy, I’m still excitable, I’m still half young, I’m still half old. I still write, I still play, I still sing, I still paint.
    I’m still human.

  5. Heather:

    My love for people and animals.

  6. Kawwww:


  7. Cory:

    My immature jokes -_-

  8. K.:

    My passion

  9. Danielle:

    I’m me.

  10. Villads:

    I never stopped changing 😉

  11. Rachel:

    love for animals

  12. Rae:

    the ability to listen to peoples problems

  13. Laila:

    The love I feel for my loved ones

  14. erika:

    the fact that i am who i am and no one can change that.

  15. Nothing stayed too permanently for me… 🙂

    I guess I changed deepest to the bone every once in a couple years 😉

  16. Sadies (From USA):

    My ultimate dream which is Hollywood. I’m a singer/actress.
    Been a small town girl my whole life but everyone jokes that I’m a West Coast girl who got stuck in small town Ohio.
    And one day I will make it out.

  17. Kathy:

    My love for Dogs

  18. Alma:

    Listening to people, Caring about others, and being nice to the wrong people. :/

  19. Krys:

    My oral fixation, I am always chewing on something or biting my lip or moving my tongue around hahah have done it since I was a newborn.

  20. daniela:


  21. Wafa:

    my Faith

  22. SueISAwesome:

    My imagination…I think the day I stop dreaming of alternate realities and books coming to life will be the day I die.

  23. I have never stop dreaming about my future house, full of light and spacious, next to a small lake; and next to me to have my boyfriend and my future dog (golden retriever or Labrador)

  24. anon:

    my love of writing

  25. Kris:

    My volume…. to most of my family’s dismay lol

    Also I never stopped asking questions

  26. pnog:

    My love and apreciation of nature.

  27. Thao:

    I still love blowing bubbles!

  28. jess:

    I’m one of the least girly girls ever.

  29. Firefly:

    Being emotional. It’s something that I will always be and is a part of me. I’m just a tad sensitive about things!

  30. Christine:

    Craziness, Insecurity, Love for music and writing, Eyes, a good book, traveling, loving my family, and not giving a damn and just being myself!

  31. Morgan:

    I’ve never stopped doubting that everyone I’m friends this is only pretending.

  32. Alice:

    I agree with Morgan.

    Also the fact that I am human has never changed.

  33. Justis:

    my past.

  34. Niki:

    I’ve always wanted to save the world. Or at least a part of it.

  35. Lo':

    I’m still disconnected with reality.

  36. Rayton:

    my curiosity and my innocence

  37. Fartun:

    My personality. I am outgoing, loud, caring, silly and I’m always going to be a kid at heart!!!

  38. Alex:

    My love for music.

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