Question 590

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  1. Sammy:

    I love this blog ๐Ÿ™‚ teehee

  2. K.:

    i cant walk and drink something at the same time

  3. Sadies (From USA):

    Before I fall asleep at night I have to listen to a song that sums up the day I’ve had.
    That and I have a tendency to be able to only fall asleep listening to music or cuddling with someone <3

  4. Alma:

    I hate when people stare at my feet. I dislike feet >.<

  5. Teresa:

    I used to be afraid of letting people touch me, now Iยดm really clingy

  6. Krys:

    I get immersed in my books, televisions and video games to the point where, unknowingly, I sometimes adopt parts of the main character’s personalities. It’s always VERY subtle though, people only notice the slightest changes.

  7. Drew:

    I’ve had an odd feeling for years that the way that I’m going is that someone’s going to shoot me.

  8. Drew:

    *to die

  9. daniela:

    I a victim of my own enthusiasm, which is always an overwhelming enthusiasm

  10. Heather:

    I have strangely long toes that my friends call monkey toes…but I think they are beautiful.

  11. SueISAwesome:

    I like to jump up and down in my room while listening to music and pretend I’m a rockstar

  12. I love how the light of the sun look like in the autumn…

  13. Pat:

    I have a weird need for symmetry. If, say, someone pinches my left arm, I have to pinch my right one too because otherwise I would feel “unbalanced”.

  14. Laila:

    I’m both a loner and a social bunny.

  15. Name:

    wow. you guys are awesome. whenever i’m about to feel really uncomfortable, i like to offer whoever is next to me whatever i am holding in my hand.

  16. Christine:

    i have this obsession with eyes… i feel like they have a true meaning behind them and you can see so much and learn so much from just looking at someone’s eyes. green eyes are the most captivating, in my opinion.

  17. s.u.s.a.n.:

    I always brush my teeth in the shower.

  18. winston:

    I’m attracted to almost all women.

  19. m:

    I love winston’s responses.

  20. Kris:

    I like falling asleep to his heartbeat. It comforts me, to know that he’s there and I’m in his arms. Without it i just don’t sleep right.

  21. Leila:

    whenever i’m talking to someone and there’s an awkward silence, i start to sing or hum. i’ve just noticed it in the past few years.

  22. I once played tennis at Wimbledon and was mistaken for Boris Becker. True!

  23. pnog:

    I used to have a fear of getting water in my eyes as a kid, so I would shower washing the feet and moving up so my face was only wet for a short time before I got a towel. Today I would say that the fear is all gone, but the habit is still there.

  24. Javier:

    I like Mariah Carey, and Kylie Minogue

  25. Laura:

    I hate the feeling of stuff on my hands (like dirt, grease, lotion, etc.). Sunscreen is the worst, I always try to use a spray or get someone else to put it on me so I don’t have to get my hands greasy. =P

  26. jess:

    I fit in with guys better than girls, and I always have. I get along with them better, and they trust me with more. I dislike my gender immensely, no offense to any girls here who AREN’T selfish and petty chicks.

  27. Firefly:

    I like to sing songs for different situations that occur within the day ๐Ÿ™‚

    or just basically burst into song when someone says something without realizing it’s also a song lyric ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. Danielle:

    I love chicken gizzards and hearts

  29. curly:

    I love socks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. kp:

    I don’t know how to swallow water properly from a cup- as in most people are able to drink and swallow simultaneously. I fill my mouth up with water and then swallow it a little bit at a time.

  31. L.:

    I speak 5 languages. 3 of them are fluent, 1 good enough to have a discussion about arts and politics, 1 is just good enough to ask where things are etc.
    I feel arrogant towards anybody who ‘only’ has one or two languages fluent.
    My self esteem sinks 30 levels when I come across anyone whose language I don’t speak.

  32. Meghan:

    I always hold my breath while passing a cemetery. The only exceptions are when I’m staring out the opposite window, I’m at a stop light, or the place I am going to is beside one. It’s a habit from preschool field trips.

  33. Alice:

    I like to dip cheese in ranch.

  34. vcm:

    i can dislocate my jaw.

  35. Heather:

    @firefly…I just gotta say that is awesome. if you read this, just know that I usually only sing when something good happens or if I am really hyper, BUT i just found out (some random person told me) that me singing like that really brought their mood up. So if you get the chance and you feel like singing, do it with people around and you may just make their day better. (just a side note: I had been singing I Feel Good by James Brown)

  36. Alley:

    Whenever something in my life happens, I always think of what song would be playing if this were a scene in a movie. It’s strange, because I have never really thought of my life as a movie, nor do I wish to be in a movie.

  37. Grace:

    I cannot sleep with socks on. It doesn’t matter how tired I am, if I have socks on sleeping is impossible for me.

  38. Kat:

    I love ALL of these.

    Drew, I’m the same way. I think I’ll be murdered somehow, or die in a bad car crash.

    Fact: I can’t eat food with legs still attached, or that I saw living. Exceptions: chicken, which I hardly eat anyhow, and crab legs.

  39. Kelly:

    I’m scared of other people’s saliva.
    Needless to say, because of that, I haven’t had my first kiss yet.

  40. Leah:

    I’m a white American woman, but of the men who have asked me out/I’ve dated so far, none have been American citizens.

  41. Grac(ie):

    I make up stories about my future that could never happen and feature people I hardly know. Right now some of my main story characters are two guys I hardly know and never see anymore.

  42. S:

    I’m terrified of clowns

  43. Green Knight:

    I have this strange feeling like the person I’m meant for lives in a different country.

    I like taking pictures because I can frame the world I want to see and remove the parts I don’t.

    I think people in general are ignorant and stupid because they don’t see the beauty in the world around them (sorry if you are actually different).

    I’m the only person I know who doesn’t like pizza, hamburgers, and hotdogs.

    I sometimes hear music (like a soundtrack) in my head during moments in my life.

    I hate it when I breath the air that someone just exhailed.

    Jello makes me gag.

    I think guys in uniform (navy, air force, army) are a turn on.

    I turn the fan on in the bathroom every time so people don’t hear me peeing.

    I laugh whenever someone burps.

    I firmly believe that technology is evil.

    When I was a child I thought my parents sneezes were too loud so I trained myself to sneeze quietly and I still sneeze the same way.

    I sing Christmas songs unconsciously all year round.

    I love being high up. It makes me feel free.

    I tell everyone I hate Twilight but it was actually a decent book (aside from spelling and grammar).

    I feel extremely uncomfortable when guys get too close to me (as in within a few feet).

    I am completely heterosexual, but I think women are attractive.

    I tend to write too much and over-answer questions (as proven here).

    I know I am completely crazy and messed up, but I kinda like it. It’s fun to be crazy ๐Ÿ˜‰

  44. Sarah:

    I’m nineteen and I have all of my future childrens names picked out.

  45. Rayton:

    I like using my legs not only for walking and running but also for opening doors and picking up stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Fartun:

    I love ice. I’m a iceacholic. I have to have at least one cup of ice or I don’t feel right. Hahah I know that ice doesn’t have a taste. But, I swear there is a taste but I can’t explain it. hahah ^_^

  47. Alex:

    I’m bisexual ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Melanie:

    I have a bifid uvula.

  49. Rob:

    I’m polar opposites with myself. Haha. I thrive off of being ‘B.A.’ but the thought of lace gives me chills, it’s so beautiful & fragile, I love it.

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