Question 591

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  1. Say *I love you* to people I care about 🙂

  2. Kris:

    Not telling the people I love that I love them
    Not expressing my feelings to the people who really matter
    Not getting close to my sister, she makes it REALLY hard, but I want her in my life always

  3. AJ:

    telling him i cant love him.
    telling them i. am. a. liar.

  4. Drew:

    I went to a show that I was going to play one night, and there was this girl that was about 19 or so and she was just sitting there on the curb, just crying her heart out. Really, just tears everywhere. And everyone passed her by as we were taking stuff inside and you know, the awkwardness came on like a wave like how it always does when people are too nervous to help someone who’s crying and the crying person feels incredibly awkward anyway crying in front of a bunch of people she doesn’t know sitting all by herself. Obviously. So I walked up and sit down next to her and asked her what was wrong and she said nothing, you know, so I’d go and so she wouldn’t feel weird anymore. So I kind of gave her this slow and worried look and told her that if she ever felt like talking, that I would be inside and she can come find me whenever she wants to. And I told her that I hope things get better and she said that they will and I said bye and up and left.

    For some reason, whenever I think of regrets, I think of that girl and that I wish that I stayed with her and made sure that she was okay. Small, insignificant occurrence, I know, but I wish that I did. Even though she’s probably just fine.

    I hope she is.

  5. Heather:

    ummm…Going out and doing what I want to do…not what everyone else thinks I should do.

  6. K:

    i agree with heather. perfectly said.

  7. Javier:

    Not chasing my dream job.

  8. Tiva Joy:

    Never getting married… Even though there are no options right now.

    Also, not travelling the world. It’s something I have always dreamed of, and not fulfilling that desire would definitely be something I would regret.

  9. Danni:

    Not giving it one last chance before we walk away.

  10. jess:

    I regret not telling guys when I have feelings for them. I always wonder what I might have missed out on.

  11. Peta:

    Not finishing this semester.
    Not really committing to making the law of attraction work for me in love, career, health etc.

  12. pnog:

    I’m assuming this question means: if you were to die today, what you regret not doing?
    I can’t think of a thing. There are plenty of things I still want to do with my life, (getting married, finding a good job, saving the world, scuba diving, visiting more countries, writing a novel, etc…) but nothing I would REGRET, just things that I wish I could have done.

  13. I was at Navy Pier in Chicago to see the Tall Ships. My mom and I were running to find a bathroom because we were in a hurry and couldn’t find one anywhere. We stopped in a big, open space hoping to find one. There was a line there to get into a play. It was very formal and all the men were wearing suits. I saw this one man near the front who was very handsome and so naturally I did a double-take. He saw me looking at him and shifted his face away from me with a sad look on his face and I wasn’t sure why. It was only after I realized he had been trying to hid a very large burn covering almost half of his face. I had seen it but didn’t think of it as a flaw or as making him uglier. My mom found a bathroom and pulled me away so I never got to go over and apologize to the man and to let him know that was not why I was staring. When we got out I looked for him but the show had started letting people in and he was gone.

  14. kaileysue:

    I would regret not finishing school, I have big dreams in my ife I want to be a v et and open my own vet buisness in New York and i I were to quite school I would not be able to do that.

  15. Danielle:

    Living my life to the fullest

  16. winston:

    Listening when my son tries to tell me about his day.

  17. Morgan:

    I once saw an old man struggling to reach his wheel chair from his car. I was with my friends and he looked straight at me, but didn’t call out. I slowed down and kept watching, but didn’t go to help. A man ran over and got his chair for him, but every time I think about him I feel so awful. I should have helped.

  18. Wesley:

    Visiting places outside the US

  19. Liz:

    Not following my dreams and telling loved ones more often i love them.

  20. Jenny:

    Falling in love.

  21. nina:

    Not telling him I like him… Or not showing him that the right way, I’m not really a flirty person… And there goes a chance to have great time together, maybe month, maybe holiday, maybe a lifetime… And he wasn’t able to see it and to make a move himself..

  22. Lo':

    I would regret never having a real family.
    I would regret never having children just because I’m afraid of abandoning them like my dad or abusing them like my mom.
    I would regret never letting them know that I don’t hate them- I should, but I really don’t.

  23. H:

    Not telling the guy I have a crush on I like him. Another girl beat me to it.

  24. Rayton:

    having a family
    getting closer to my friends or make new good friends
    try to find new hobbies
    get a penpal

  25. Alex:

    Being Myself.

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