Question 594

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28 Responses to “Question 594”

  1. I live location independently 🙂

  2. Danielle:


  3. Katrina:

    My initial response was death too.

  4. V3nD1:

    The winter will come.

  5. Drew:

    I will change the world.
    Things will get better.

  6. Mick:

    I will marry the love of my life

  7. AJ:

    I will break his heart.

  8. Kris:

    I will get hurt again but I wont be alone forever

  9. Rachel:

    kidding… I’ll die eventually, that’s for sure :]

  10. b:

    i will live.

  11. Heather:

    I strongly believe that sometime in the future I will be appreciated for who and what I am.

  12. Laila:

    I will find my place in the world

  13. Name:

    GRAAAH!!! i mean, i’ll probably die, i guess. or just lose my fucking mind. :o)

  14. sarah:

    i’m pretty damn positive i’ll end up teaching high school, even though im not sure if i want to

  15. pnog:

    I’m pretty sure the humanity and the rest of the world will enter a long difficult period due to enviromental damage, overpopulation, and things of that nature. Things will be bad and survival will be difficult for several generations, but we will “hopefully” (I can’t bring myself to say “probably”) get through it and come out as a more peaceful, united and wiser species.

  16. ching:

    I will retire from work, travel the world and have grandkids.

  17. Peta:

    Same as pnog!

  18. I believe that someone will create a dishwasher that arranges the dishes inside the dishwasher. All the person will have to do is put the plates and cutlery in the opening on the door of the dishwasher.

  19. Justis:

    Something unexpected.

  20. Rozee:

    I will have a family of my own 😀

  21. jess:

    I will continue to be judged based solely on my face.

  22. Liz:

    The end of the world.

  23. JPG:

    I will find balance, and with that, inner peace

  24. Matt:

    That my family will accept me for being gay or they will loose me, that I will be happy and I will legally be able to marry the love of my life legally in the UK.

  25. Steve:

    I will continue to isolate myself from people who seem to love and care about me; give myself to those who hate and wish to harm me; and lie on my death bed grieving about my complete and total lack of any good decisions I ever made.

  26. Trio:

    Jesus Christ will return.(John 14:23)

  27. Rayton:

    I will have a difficult period next month, but I’m going to pass it successfully.

  28. Breutanan:

    I don’t know. I try not to pay too much attention to the future. It hasn’t happened yet. I focus on now. I review the past when needing advice and only consult the future in dreams.

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