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  1. anon:

    Coty. I would tell him he could be so much more than he thinks he could. That God has amazing plans for his life and that he should seek after God with all of his heart instead of half. That he is an amazing wise young man who should stop pretending to be dumb. Because I know he isn’t.

  2. S:

    Jacqui. I’d advise her to continue to be such an incredible person, to enjoy everything she does and follow her dreams, wherever they take her. And not to doubt herself, or ever discredit how much she can help someone, and know how much she helped me.

  3. Drew:

    Sydney. I’d tell her why she is the way she is and how she can change and help herself, but she won’t listen because she’s so self destructive. So I don’t, I’ve been showing her how to get better. It’s working.

  4. To my Mom & Dad.

    They are just made different person from each other.

    They really don’t need to try to make others fit to their very requirements 🙂

  5. Heather:

    Myself in the past. As much as you think they don’t, there are people who would miss you if you considered that, and there are too many people whom you can make a difference in their lives. Keep fighting.

  6. LT:

    My little sister.
    Just because you’re not quite like the other girls in your year doesn’t mean you’re not as special, as beautiful or as smart. You’re all of those things and more because you’ve stayed true to yourself and that takes true courage. Don’t let it get you down that you don’t ‘fit in’, you’re the best little sister I could have ever asked for.

  7. Stephanie:

    My little brother.
    Don’t try to be anyone but yourself. You don’t have to act tough and do drugs to fit in. You are an amazing, intelligent, and loving kid. I will always be proud of you, no matter what. You don’t have to be the best soccer player, the Homecoming or Prom King, you just have to be yourself. I love you just the way you are.

  8. jess:

    Drew W. Try not to be so cynical; life is allowed to be fun and frivolous.

    Andrew W. Talk to me more. <3

    Drew S. Go for it.

    I love all three of these Andrews. I just wish I could get him to listen/knew him well enough to talk about these things/thought he would care.

  9. Sandy:

    My Adult children who are dealing with love, loss, struggle and children. “This too will pass”! Believe me…as do the good times, the bad times and the indifferent times. Be grateful for change, it is the condiment of life.

  10. s.u.s.a.n.:

    Don’t be afraid to ask for the help you need. I am here for you.

  11. Justin:

    To my younger self,

    Sometimes when you have a new friend, don’t expect them to stay because otherwise, it will hurt when they leave. Just be yourself, stay strong, but don’t be afraid to try new opportunities when you see them. Grab them out and life would be a great perspective from there and eventually, you will know who your true friends are, the ones that stay.

  12. Penny Regan:

    I would give advice to Barack Obama and tell him that its time to start making the changes he promised.

  13. Laila:

    Girls who give up their dreams for “the sake of love”. I’d tell them: DON’T DO IT!!

  14. Theresa:

    Jesse. I can’t find her, I don’t know where she went, but I want to tell her that the world can be a good place, that you will never be happy until she decides to be happy, and that she needs to stop hanging out with the people who influence her to think otherwise. Jesse, I wish I could find you. You’ve hurt so much and I want to help you heal.

  15. Teresa:

    A king once told his son to go out and find a ring that will make him happy when he feels sad and sad when he feels happy. He searched for years. He asked another vendor if he had a ring with such powers and he said, “I believe this one will work.” The ring said, “THIS TOO SHALL PASS.” The prince returned to the kingdom and made an amazing king because, when he felt sad, he thought to himself, “this too shall pass,” remembering that he will feel happiness again. And, when he felt happy, he thought, “this too shall pass,” humbling him to appreciating every moment of it.

    This too shall pass…

  16. Alicia:

    Don’t let anyone shame you into silence, or make you believe there is something wrong with you. Don’t let them tell you this until you are broken and will do anything they demand.
    If someone is blackmailing you, don’t wait. Talking about it will save you, I promise.

  17. CeliaW:

    My lovely niece – would urge her to get help to lose weight as she is now morbidly obese and really needs to lose weight for the sake of her health – she just needs the courage to do it and I wish I could find the way to help her or motivate her before she has done irreparable damage to herself.

  18. Jp:

    Nobody is watching.

  19. Courtney:

    I would tell every girl in the world-

    That she is worth it, she is beautiful,& she’s Not Alone*

  20. Charles:

    I’d tell Isabella to fall in love with me.

  21. Green Knight:

    Sometimes the best advice is to yourself:
    Just because you had a bad past doesn’t mean you will have a bad future. Don’t be afraid to get close to people. Yes, it will hurt sometimes. But if you don’t, you’ll never be happy either. Not everyone will leave you. And eventually you will find someone who loves you for yourself.

  22. amy:

    To all the emos out there:

    Don’t always dwell on your past experiences. MOve on. Thats why its called past, its because you have to leave it all behind.

  23. Rayton:


    So many problems are created because of dwelling in the past or the future, in hypothesis and in guessing of wha´s going around. Just stay focus and present, enjoy the endless beauty of every situation, learn to deal with the harshest times and learn to find something positive about them. The power of now is powerful.

  24. Jayne:

    To my younger self:
    You won’t ever get over the fact your biological dad left you. You won’t ever be able to make sense of it, but one day you stop feeling like you need all the answers. You grow up to be responsible, respected, smart, and so very mentally strong. I promise. And you will meet your father one day and you will have a good relationship with him, but you still hurt. That doesn’t ever stop.

    But you’re strong enough to handle it.

  25. Alex:

    To myself 5 years ago:

    You may not realize what is happening right now, but believe me in the end it will make you a stronger and better person. Do not try to fight it because that will only make it worse. Love yourself, love you for who you are and what not what others want you to be. Hold your opinions and morals strongly and never give them up for anything. Above all, Love yourself.

  26. Shannon:

    Taylor, Please please please believe me when i tell you that you don’t need a ‘man’ to make you feel loved.Just being the way you are now is enough. I hate seeing you suffer and I know you are strong. Please stay safe.

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