Question 599

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25 Responses to “Question 599”

  1. ratclw:

    That friendship with her. It was just so bad for me.

  2. S:


  3. Alicia:

    Going into the military.
    Certain relationships that, as more time goes on, were more harmful than I realized (even at the time I chose to let them go).

  4. jobs that are not making me happy while earning money 🙂

  5. Angria:

    relationships that were toxic

  6. Christine:

    being a bitch

  7. Drew:


  8. Being a part of that design team I was on that was more about piece work than art.
    Working from 5 to 4 days. Now I am hoping to make it 3 days.
    That volunteer organization. After 12 years it was time for someone else to be the leader.

  9. Wesley:

    Worrying about what others think of me (to a point).

    In high school I felt like I could not love what I wanted to and enjoy what made
    me happy because others thought it was childish, weird, or anything else.

  10. Anything, after a while. I always get bored.

  11. Laura:

    Band. Because quitting band led me to join choir, and without choir, my life would have been completely different (and not in a good way). Plus, I never really liked playing the clarinet. =P

  12. Heather:

    Caring about someone who doesn’t care about me.

  13. mandy:

    Living for the devil

  14. errika:

    worrying about what people think of me and being super antisocial

  15. Sandy:


  16. Teresa:

    I’m glad I quit using drugs and alcohol to mask emotions that I didn’t want to deal with.

  17. Justin:

    Quitting weed. Weed has cost me losing someone important to me that I can never get back. Even after quitting, I still can’t get her back. So I am glad to quit so I won’t lose any more important people

  18. Liz:

    Bad marraige/relationships

  19. jess:

    Hiding my quirks. They let me have fun, and quite often, by not hiding them, I make someone’s day. 🙂

  20. Rae:

    cutting, their are better way to deal with life

  21. Leah:

    Feeling sorry for myself.

  22. Lo':

    I’m glad I quit letting myself be used as a pawn in that sick game.

  23. kiki:

    I’m glad I quit blindly accepting that which I was told and started thinking for myself.

  24. amy:

    Im glad I already quit my addiction to games

  25. Alex:

    The friendship with him…
    now the hate is gone.

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