Question 600

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39 Responses to “Question 600”

  1. Drew:

    My hope, my beliefs.

  2. Angria:

    My strength and integrity.

  3. kv:

    My pride definitely

  4. Wesley:

    My love of Disney.

    I don’t care how old I am, or how corporate like Disney can be.
    It will always make me smile and take me to another world.

  5. Tunder:


  6. Inge:

    My selfrespect and my love for the world.

  7. demeer:

    my dignity

  8. My imagination, my memories and experiences.

  9. Heather:

    My love for other living things.
    My respect for myself.
    My hopes for the future.

  10. Aminata:

    My sense of worth/self worth.

  11. Mandy:

    My knowledge and my thoughts.

  12. Anna:

    My determination to keep working towards goals.

  13. Laila:

    My thoughts and my pride

  14. Christine:

    my faith in God

  15. mandy:

    My Purity.

  16. My faith in others.
    My hope and pride and most of all
    my dignity!

  17. pnog:

    my past, my memories

  18. ankita:

    my passion

  19. anon:

    my imagination

  20. Ael:

    My passion for music.

  21. My parents, and their care for me 🙂

  22. Liz:

    My faith,dignity and values.

  23. Alicia:

    My imagination. Anyone can inflict pain and hurt me, but I can make up a thousand and one worlds all my own that I can retreat to at any given time.

    Mind over matter

  24. Niv:

    My beliefs and my freedom..:)

  25. jess:

    My beliefs.

  26. Lauren:

    No one can ever steal my love for Kelly.

  27. jay:

    my culture

  28. Jp:

    Sense of humor!
    …In sickness and in health.

  29. Lo':

    My love of music and the way it heals me, note by note. <3

  30. Alena:

    my thoughts

  31. S:

    My sense of humour

  32. vcm:

    my passion, my patient, my love for others

  33. Shannon:

    My need to make people feel loved happy.

  34. amy:


  35. Jayne:

    My faith in the Lord. Knowing I am not alone, and that I rest in his hands until the end of the age.

  36. Rayton:

    my curiosity

  37. Alex:

    My opinions, My morals, My thoughts.

  38. Breutanan:


  39. Julia:

    This moment.

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