Question 602

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  1. Christine:

    Eyes, the unknown and unsee, People, nature, skies

  2. Anonymous:

    The Universe.

    Every time I look up into the sky, I go into a daze just thinking about how vast our universe is. Trillions of stars, planets, and billions of galaxies… there are countless things. I could never understand how devout, religious people could deny such beauty that is beyond our Earth.

  3. life itself.

    living thing itself.


  4. Heather:

    how every person is so different. how ever culture is so different.
    how communities come together in times of need.
    how perfectly simple life is in the eyes of a child.

  5. Anon:

    The human body. I think it’s cool how your brain just tells you to move and you don’t even know it. Weird I know

  6. Rachel:

    Anything different from what I’m used to.

  7. molly:


  8. Tunder:


  9. Ana:


  10. Everything.

  11. Drew:

    People, life, love, change, God, religion, electricity, mechanics, music, light, picture books, children’s movies, futuristic cities, the idea of Atlantis.
    Things like that.

  12. jess:

    Brilliant colors, unusual sounds, shapes, people, tattoos.

  13. Laila:

    The fact that we’re all the centre of our own universe.

  14. Joy:

    How man, throughout history remains the same, and how history is continually repeating itself because of it.

  15. sashs:

    -the human brain, it’s amazing how much it can do and how easily it can just stop.

  16. pnog:

    too many things to list. I’m glad to see that several other people above seem to share my sense of wonder for the universe and all things inside it.

  17. mandy:

    Children! Everything about them…their love, their gentleness, their humor, their ability to forgive so quickly and sincerly ….Everything.
    It’s no wonder God says the Kingdom of God belongs to such as them:) I know why. If we were all more child like..NOT CHILDISH..but child like…this world would be a much sincere and joyful place<3

  18. ratclw:

    The cosmos.

  19. Liz:

    The Universe, and how really small us humans are.

  20. Danielle:

    Capabilities of the human mind and body

  21. Niv:

    How much a person can do for true love

  22. Yaz:

    Human stupidity -_-

  23. whereImat:

    Nature, creation.

  24. jacob:

    Everything and how it came into being. Most theories say the universe was created from nothing and yet we have what we have

  25. Wesley:

    Perhaps it’s a bit child like to say, but everything fascinates me.
    How the world can be so dark, and yet so bright.
    How beautiful and vast the starry sky is at night.
    How peaceful and calming the ocean waves can be.
    There’s a really long list. <3

  26. Alena:

    life, death, tarot cards, astrology

  27. human life , brain function , art

  28. amy:


  29. Rayton:

    the beauty of the universe, the good traits in people, understanding complex ideas, realiziations, paradoxes, good conversations.

  30. Breutanan:

    Damn near everything.

  31. flake:

    astronomy. the stars have always intrigued me

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