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  1. For me, it’s peaceful self, the moment when I am not bothered by my excessive worries, and hillarious thoughts 🙂

  2. Michelle:

    how to live their life the way they want and not by what others think 🙂

  3. Alexandra:

    Independance! You learn that you cant trust everyone, even if people warn you of the outside world, its something you gotta learn; to only count on yourself.

  4. Norstar:

    One must find their own passions in life as this is the only way passion is truely experienced to the fullest.

  5. Drew:

    Everything inside.

    You have so much more inside of you than you know.

  6. Everyone must discover their worth

  7. Kawwww:

    Life and death

  8. whereImat:

    Who they are.

  9. pit:


  10. Heather:


  11. s.u.s.a.n.:

    … c h a r a c t e r …

  12. Jp:

    How to deal with what they have done so far in life.

    Others tell us what to do as well as what should he done. I think that only after you have dealt with your past actions you will be able to filter out unwanted notions and know what to do next.

  13. winston:

    What it means to really love someone.

  14. pnog:

    their love; whether it be a spouse, a job, a location.

  15. Mike:


  16. Wesley:

    What makes them truly happy in life.

    Whether it’s who they’re with or what they do.

  17. Kaylee:

    That in order to happy in life you have to be happy with yourself.

  18. Rachel:

    What are they looking for.

  19. People need to discover by themselves what their patterns are and how stop making the same mistakes all over again.

  20. Alicia:

    Who they want to be, and how to be themselves

  21. Nini:

    Their inner strength.

  22. how to not let their past destroy their future.

  23. Courtney:

    there own morals& personal values. So they can know where they stand*

  24. Danielle:

    Their purpose in life

  25. Alena:

    what they believe in, not just gp with what ever everyone else thinks

  26. big bang:

    myself code , nature code , universe code

  27. Sadies (From USA):

    Their own happiness, because chances are no two people’s are exactly the same.
    How to love. Everyone has to go through hurt to get to the prize at the end: that one special person who is perfect for you.

  28. Peter:


  29. Old-fasioned Girl:

    What they do best.

  30. amy:

    what is really their true self, true identity.

  31. Alex:

    Their purpose in life and what truly makes them happy.

  32. Breutanan:


  33. Julie Takase:

    their own path

  34. Shannon:

    How powerful love is.

  35. Jack:


  36. eljai:

    That this is NOT a dress rehearsal, this is your life, show up

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