Question 607

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32 Responses to “Question 607”

  1. Drew:


  2. Heather:

    to live, love, discover, experience, teach, learn, and find happiness

  3. jay:

    To become a teacher

  4. Wesley:

    To learn, live, and most of all love.
    Then use all of the above experiences to help others in some way that keeps me happy until the day I die.

  5. I have no clue

  6. Alicia:

    To discover what I want my purpose to be

  7. Sera Smiles:

    As a Spiritual Being having a Human experience, my purpose is to live a life of honesty, love and peace. Through these choices, I can reach others and support them in their human experience and help them discover love and serenity.

  8. Richard:

    To share what God has done for me with others

  9. bsf:

    I believe that my purpose is to make a difference in someones life by doing what I love.

  10. Giselle:

    My purpose is to live my life to the fullest every single day.

  11. pnog:

    There is no real purpose to life despite how much we may want there to be. We must craft our own purpose as individuals and as a species. Personally, my self-crafted purpose is to maintain and expand human knowledge and wisdom.

  12. Rozee:

    My purpose is to find out who I am in this world and what I was brought into this world to do.

  13. anon:

    To love with the love of God

  14. Rachel:

    To act

  15. Christine:

    to travel around the world so i can be a photographer and writer by using my past experiences that i have seen and felt

  16. Danielle:

    To care for others. At least that’s what I think it is right now. I may find out my true purpose later in life.

  17. SS:

    To use the resources and opportunities that I’m given in life to reach my potential so that I can have as much positive impact on the world as is possible for me.

  18. Alena:

    i really don’t know but i hope it’s a good one.

  19. Ragnar:

    If i knew my own purpose or niche in life i probably wouldnt be visiting this site. i happen to agree with pnog’s thoughts on purpose though

  20. S:

    To help people.

  21. Ria:

    To become a better, less selfish person.

  22. vcm:

    i am still trying to discover my purpose in life. Having hope, faith and trust in God is what’s getting me through the days. And of course support from family, friends and loved ones.

  23. jes:

    No clue.

  24. anonymous:

    to overcome my troubles and find peace and beauty in some aspect of the world

  25. Alice:

    to do something with what i was given.

  26. Alex:

    To Help Others

  27. Breutanan:

    I only know when that moment is now. Prior to it I didn’t and I don’t expect to know tomorrow. Each day has a new purpose.

  28. Julie Takase:

    to learn. to become a better person.

  29. Shannon:

    To protect and love others

  30. Jack:

    To just BE

  31. Katie:

    To use my past to help teens find their path to God.

  32. Eljai:

    To cycle matter and energy

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