Question 608

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35 Responses to “Question 608”

  1. Heather:

    my freedom

  2. Rozee:


  3. Orion:

    Mutual love and respect.

  4. S:


  5. Your mom

  6. Drew:


    And George, I love you. <3

  7. Sera Smiles:

    Serenity, which comes as a result of living your purpose.

  8. Bee:

    Horses and God

  9. jay:

    Word, George. Much Love.
    I must have music, love, food, and Uncharted 3 lol just kidding about that last part

  10. Laila:


  11. erika:

    music, cooking, and photography

  12. freedom & passion 😛

  13. pnog:

    other people

  14. Danielle:

    Love, friends, and family

  15. Jack:


  16. curiosity, humour, fun, friendship, family

  17. Alicia:

    Some sort of mental escape/comfort.

    The escape can come in any form, but I’d prefer to have one or more of these: running/biking with music, writing, reading, hanging out and talking with good friends.

  18. ankita:


  19. Wesley:

    Friendship, time to just hang out with friends and forget about work\school.

  20. Alena:

    ny cell phone

  21. Danni:


  22. Christine:

    music, art, travelling, and taking risks!

  23. Ria:


  24. vcm:

    friends, family, God, love, happiness, faith, patience, trust, fun, spontaneous adventures, laughter, kindness, generosity, etc.

  25. The most important is GOD, then VISION | FOCUS | WISDOM and of course like Erika said PHOTOGRAPHY.

  26. Trust and respect is the number one thing.

  27. Love!

  28. jes:


  29. anonymous:


    its a shame thats no longer possible…

  30. mac:

    God, Family, friend and love one

  31. amy:

    freedom and contentment

  32. Rayton:

    Confident and satisfaction in myself

  33. Alex:

    Music 🙂

  34. NOLAN

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