Question 610

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18 Responses to “Question 610”

  1. Richard:

    Better pay and opportunities

  2. Heather:

    better pay. new experiences

  3. Drew:

    Because I was given a two hour long preaching to about how everything I believe is wrong, that my beliefs were given to me by the devil, and that the only reason that I believe anything differently is being I’m a teenager and because I’m “rebelling”.

  4. Alena:

    because i was being harassed at work by the guy who hired me!! and 11.75 was not even money to make me put up with that!

  5. to be happier 🙂

  6. Grac(ie):

    Is college a job? if so…
    Starting today, I’m on a medical withdraw. I just spent a week in a psych hospital and need some time away from insane amounts of stress and pressure. Who knows if I’ll go back…

  7. Blink:

    Grac(ie) – I hope this isn’t too forward, but have faith in yourself. I’ve been where you are, and you never know what the future holds. You can get through this.

    I left my last job to move away to University

  8. Wesley:

    I left for a higher paying job in IT so I could afford to go to college.

  9. Danielle:

    It was only a month long job.
    My job before that is because I was going to college and they couldn’t transfer me to a store there.

  10. I had a boss who was constantly afraid of losing his biggest client. A client who paid for 6 people’s salaries – my client.

    The same client who shouted abuse that we had to take, as I was the AM I took most of the brunt; who sexually harassed me in front of my boss who told me to deal with it. And who called 5 times daily to talk to someone, namely me before work, during work and after work.

    I was caught up in this web of fear that my boss weaved. It was unhealthy, I had a nervous breakdown, a break up and became withdrawn because of it.

    In the end was a job worth this much loss? No.

  11. Because if I didn’t leave my office cubicle I would end up in a box 6ft under. I needed to breathe and come to life. Hey Presto!

  12. pnog:

    I wanted to travel the world.

  13. Mike:

    Because it’s hard to work for people you don’t respect.

  14. Benj:

    I didn’t want to compromise my relationships for the sake of sales.

  15. vcm:

    a multitude of reasons, but the biggest one is because the store was closing.

  16. Julia:

    I was being decieved by my boss. One minute I was doing a great job, the other minute I was about to be fired. Also, I just needed a job to do over the summer, and it would be really hard to manage during the school year.

  17. Sandy:

    I am tired of working for an institution that has lost its way.

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